Anne With An E Cast & Character Guide

Here's a guide to the main characters of Anne With An E. TV series Anne With An E is based off the beloved Lucy Maud Montgomery novel Anne Of Green Gables, but the show gives the story a darker tone. It follows the titular character, a cheery, chatty young girl who arrives at Green Gables farm. She's initially something of an outsider, but her endless enthusiasm eventually wins people around.

The show, which was originally titled simply Anne, is far from the first adaptation of the 1908 book. The story has been the subject of numerous movies, TV shows, and animated productions, including 1985 film Anne Of Green Gables, which starred Megan Follows (Wynonna Earp) as the main character. Anne With An E has run for three seasons thus far but in spite of its slightly darker take on the material, it's still a heartwarming show.

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Anne With An E season 3 premieres on CBC Television in September 2019 and will arrive on Netflix worldwide at a later date. Here's a quick guide to the show's key players.

anne with an e Geraldine James

Amybeth McNulty - Anne Shirley

Amybeth McNulty (Morgan) plays Anne Shirley, whose defining traits include her upbeat personality, intelligence, and innate curiosity. She ended season 2 wanting to become a teacher, and there are hints of romance between her and Gilbert.

Lucas Jade Zumann - Gilbert Blythe

Gilbert took over his father's farm when the latter fell ill. Gilbert is good at school and while there was initially tension between him and Anne, they've grown closer throughout the series.

Geraldine James - Marilla Cuthbert

Marilla is played by Geraldine James (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) on Anne With An E. Marilla and her brother take in Anne to help around their farm. Marilla has a restrained, almost cold personality but her friendship with Anne breaks through that shell.

R.H. Thomson - Matthew Cuthbert

Matthew is Marilla's brother, a shy, sweet man, who forms a close bond with Anne. Like Marilla, Anne's friendship helps Matthew regain some of his zest for life after years of closing himself off.

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Corrine Koslo - Rachel Lynde

Corrine Koslo (Schitt's Creek) plays Rachel Lynde on Anne With An E, Marilla's best friend. She's unfiltered in her opinions and loves to gossip but after some early tension between her and Anne, they soon become friendly.

Dalila Bela - Diana Barry

Diana Barry is played by Dalila Bela (Once Upon A Time) on Anne With An E, who is the title character's best friend. Diana is more grounded than her bestie, though like Anne she's also very friendly. She's not afraid to speak up for herself or confront bullies though.

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