Is Anne Hathaway The New Barbarella?

Anne Hathaway, like Natalie Portman, seems to be connected to virtually every other upcoming Hollywood production that features a prominent female protagonist. Now this year's Oscar co-host is rumored to be onboard for the long-gestating remake of the cult campfest, Barbarella.

Assuming there is even an inkling of truth to this rumor, Hathaway would undoubtedly tackle the role of the exquisite 41st century space agent Barbarella - a role made famous by former anti-war activist-turned aerobics instructor/writer/actress Jane Fonda back in 1968.

News of Hathaway's involvement with the Barbarella remake should definitely be taken with a healthy dose of salt, since even the source of the rumor, Pajiba, describes her as being "attached" to the project, which is currently without a director. Robert Rodriguez and actress Rose McGowan were fresh off their on and off-set Grindhouse collaboration (sorry, bad pun not intended) back in 2007 when reports had them pegged as tackling the Barbarella remake. However, that never amounted to anything more than talk.

Robert Luketic (Killers) was at one point up for helming the Barbarella remake, but it seems he is out of the picture as well. There's not really any single director currently working who immediately jumps to mind as an excellent fit for handling this material - unless it turns out that Uwe Boll has an evil doppelgänger (i.e. someone who's actually a classy and a talented filmmaker), in which case we say, let him have it.

Jane Fonda Barbarella movie image
Fonda as Barbarella.

The original Barbarella is a pretty silly but fun flick full of sci-fi action involving ray guns, "psychedelic" spaceships, goofy aliens armed with whip-like appendages, and a herione that likes to wear outfits that make her look like a James Bond girl of the future. It's an undeniably hokey film, but it's that very quality that has earned the 1968 pic a cult following for over four decades.

Hathaway can easily bring the right mix of charming personality, voluptuous looks, and that slight air of self-aware humor to the lead role of Barbarella, if she does indeed sign on for the project. Is there another actress you'd like to see take on the part instead?

Source: Pajiba

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