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The creepy doll from The Conjuring is establishing her evil presence in the second trailer for Annabelle: Creation. Without question, one of the creepiest characters in the first Conjuring movie from 2013 was Annabelle, a vintage doll that wreaked havoc in the opening scenes from the film before demonologists Ed and Elizabeth Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) saved the day and safely encased the doll in a glass case in their occult museum. Despite the doll's limited screen time, the impressions it left on audiences were unforgettable, which naturally explains why the character got its own spinoff movie Annabelle in 2014.

After Annabelle's whopping global take of $256.8 million (against a paltry $6.5 million budget), the evil plaything is coming back with a vengeance with Annabelle: Creation on August 11, in a followup film that explores the origins of the doll before the events of the 2014 film. And with the release less than two months away, Warner Bros. started to build up the hype for the film this week with the release of new images and a theatrical poster, and now, the film's second trailer. You can watch it above.

While the new trailer for Annabelle: Creation includes footage from the first official trailer released in April, the followup gives more insight into the story of a dollmaker (Anthony LaPaglia) and his wife (Miranda Otto), and how the tragic loss of their young daughter led them to pray for to see her again. The presence of who the couple thought was their daughter's spirit starts with small sightings, and works its way into asking permission to manifest itself in one of the dollmaker's creations. But soon after the couple takes in a nun and group of orphaned girls who were shuttered from their home, the doll and the evil spirit that lives within begins to rear its ugly head.

Like the first Annabelle: Creation trailer, this second preview of the film is loaded with tension, atmosphere and thrills. And while some can see some of the scary moments coming, the footage is still frightening enough to hold your attention and make you jump.

Given the pedigree of the cast and crew involved, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that Annabelle: Creation looks extremely well-crafted -- thanks in large part to a smart hire with  Lights Out director David F. Sandberg to helm the film, and the guidance of producer James Wan, who directed The Conjuring and its sequel. But above all, the force that's driving the interest in the franchise is clearly the Annabelle doll itself, which amazingly as inanimate object has the power to evoke more fear than any real-life horror actor can muster. With any luck, the other Conjuring spinoffs The Nun and Crooked Man (both from Conjuring 2 ) will stir up the same sort of excitement.

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Source: Warner Bros.

Key Release Dates
  • Annabelle: Creation (2017) release date: Aug 11, 2017
  • The Nun (2018) release date: Sep 07, 2018
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