Annabelle: Creation Clips Promise a Movie Much Scarier Than The Original

Two scary clips are released from Annabelle: Creation. It's not often that a horror film is given the distinction of being based on a true story. And it happens even less with paranormal or supernatural horror. But on occasion, it does happen. And that includes every movie where Ed and Lorraine Warren are involved - they were self-proclaimed demonologists and paranormal investigators. Over the course of their work, they alleged to stopping several hauntings and strange events. And they often kept supposedly dangerous items in their own Occult Museum.

Among these possibly true stories - depending on whether you believe in ghosts, demons, and the Warrens or not - is the story of Annabelle. Annabelle is a Raggedy Ann doll who was supposedly haunted. A nursing student and her roommate tried living with the doll for a time in the 70s, but became too frightened and contacted The Warrens, who removed the doll to their museum. This story was shown in The Conjuring as a way of introducing the Warrens. The doll in the movie was changed from a Raggedy Ann to a rather disturbing porcelain doll - a doll so creepy that is got it's own spin-off film titled Annabelle which seemed to tell the doll's origin story. But it appears like that was only a part of the tale, and the rest is coming in the prequel Annabelle: Creation.

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Warner Bros. has now released two short clips from the film. Both clips demonstrate just how scary the movie intends to be - by using just the doll, a single young character, and no dialogue, but still providing a few rather frightening and disturbing moments. The first clip can be seen above, and the second one is just below:

The first clip features Talitha Bateman as Janice - an orphan girl with a disabled leg living in the home of dollmaker Samuel Mullins. Janice checks on the doll - who is locked in a closet - but becomes more and more nervous as she tries to keep Annabelle in that closet. Or at the very least, to prevent the unsettling doll from looking at her.

The second clip shows another orphan living in the Mullins' home. Linda - played by Lulu Wilson - shoots a kind of toy gun into a closet, only to find herself unable to reel back in the ball which the gun uses for ammunition. She tries to hide in her bed, but Linda soon discovers there is more going on than just a scary doll.

While the first Annabelle movie had mixed reviews from critics, early reviews of Annabelle: Creation proclaim the prequel a much better and scarier film. And these two clips - in under four combined minutes - certainly seem to bear that out. The first film mostly used jump scares and the doll's unsettling and creepy face to scare the audience. But the tone of both these clips indicates a movie that is far more frightening and able to create at least a few authentically scary moments.

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