Annabelle: Creation Projected to Easily Top the Weekend Box Office

Annabelle: Creation is projected to easily top the weekend box office. While the internet is currently bursting with articles about how poorly Hollywood's summer films are performing at the box office - at least when compared to previous years - that doesn't look likely to prevent Annabelle: Creation - the latest spinoff of The Conjuring franchise - from scaring up some serious profit margins before the end of its theatrical run.

Creation will be only the latest Conjuring movie to rule the box office. James Wan's original film raked in a mammoth $318 million worldwide on a budget of only $20 million, while direct sequel The Conjuring 2 earned $320 million on a budget of $40 million. 2014's Annabelle spinoff - to which Creation is a prequel - really brought home the bacon, hauling in $256 million worldwide on the back of a tiny $6.5 million budget. It remains to be seen if Creation will end up in those leagues, but projections have it off to a good start.

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According to Deadline, Annabelle: Creation is expected to knock Sony's critically panned adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower right off the #1 spot, with an opening weekend take estimated to come in above $30 million. While that's less than Annabelle 2014's $37 million opening, it'll still be enough to double Creation's reported $15 million budget. The conventional wisdom is that a Hollywood film needs to make back at least double its budget to break even, after marketing costs. That means Creation will be nearly in the black after a single weekend.

For reference, fellow low budget horror flick Don't Breathe opened in August last year to the tune of $26 million, and ended up topping out at $157 million worldwide. While Don't Breathe's budget was a smaller $9.9 million, Creation is also likely to open a few million dollars higher. Needless to say, if Creation tops out at Don't Breathe's level or greater before leaving theaters, the spinoff prequel will be an unqualified financial success for studio Warner Bros.

Annabelle: Creation is also a critical success, currently sitting at a solid 82 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Creation's release begins what looks to be a big few weeks for WB when it comes to horror, as their re-adaptation of Stephen King's IT menaces theaters on September 8. Considering the amount of advance buzz surrounding that film, it's hard to imagine it not doing even better at the box office than Annabelle.

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Source: Deadline

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