Just How Scary Is Annabelle Comes Home?

How scary is Annabelle Comes Home? We break down everything you need to know about the R-rated movie's jump scares, gore and swearing (spoiler-free).

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How scary is Annabelle Comes Home? Written and directed by Gary Dauberman, the supernatural horror film continues the storyline established by Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation. The premise is based on a haunted doll named Annabelle, which was first introduced in The Conjuring, and most recently appeared in The Curse of La Llorona (as well as DC movies Aquaman and Shazam!). Annabelle Comes Home represents the seventh installment of The Conjuring universe.

In Annabelle Comes Home, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their roles as real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, respectively. The duo place Annabelle behind sacred glass in order to prevent any more chaos. Mckenna Grace co-stars as the couple’s daughter Judy, who becomes the doll’s next target, along with babysitters portrayed by Katie Sarife and Madison Iseman. The first two franchise installments were massive box office hits: Annabelle was produced for $6.5 million and earned over $257 million at the box offfice, while Annabelle: Creation had a higher budget at $15 million but topped $306 million in theatrical sales.

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So, is Annabelle Comes Home really that scary? The MPAA has given the new film an R rating (meaning nobody under 17 can see unsupervised) for "horror violence and terror," and the BBFC has given it a 15 rating (meaning nobody under 15 will be admitted) for "strong supernatural threat, violence, injury detail.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Annabelle Comes Home will traumatize each and every viewer. Here are the spoiler-free basics for Annabelle Comes Home.

How Scary Is Annabelle Comes Home?

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Like last week's Child’s Play, the premise for Annabelle Comes Home involves a naughty doll. Similarly, the central villain targets a child. Whereas Chucky uses his artificial intelligence to scare people, Annabelle is a proper supernatural spirit, one that’s associated with religion (or the lack thereof).

Annabelle Comes Home may feel extra creepy based on the doll’s backstory and the domestic setting. This film taps into the paranoia that drives so many ‘80s horror classics, as humans are essentially hunted within their own home. The Warrens function as mature professionals, of course, but the children lack the proper experience or knowledge to fully understand what’s chasing them. Therein lies the “threat and horror” aspect for Annabelle Comes Home.

The film mainly trades in The Conjuring series' tried-and-tested jump scares, with long sequences of expected build-up leading to a jolt from the sudden appearance of the doll or a spirit. If that's not your thing, Annabelle Comes Home may not be for you.

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How Violent Is Annabelle Comes Home?

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Annabelle Comes Home has numerous graphic scenes. The most challenging sequences include visuals of injuries, as a man has an eye torn out. There’s also a photo of a dog with a slashed throat. In addition, a teenager is stabbed in the stomach, with close-up images further emphasizing the injury.

So, not only is Annabelle Comes Home inherently scary because of the creepy doll premise, but the film also includes traditional gore that may upset some viewers. But for those who are familiar with the horror genre, the visuals might not seem that problematic.

The Rest Of Annabelle Comes Home’s R Rating: Swearing And Nudity

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Annabelle Comes Home does include profanity (“f**k"), but not as much as Child’s Play 2019. The film also includes words like “sh*t” and “balls."

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