Why Annabelle 3 Feels Like A Conjuring Film, According to James Wan

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Producer James Wan says Annabelle 3, the next addition to Warner Bros.' The Conjuring universe, will feel more like a Conjuring film. Annabelle, the demon-possessed doll, received its first standalone film in 2014, and while it wasn't well received, the series managed to bounce back with 2017's Annabelle: Creation. This upcoming film will mark the third outing for the supernatural franchise's favorite doll, and its fourth spinoff overall.

The Conjuring received critical praise upon its initial release and would be regarded as the scariest movie of the year, it was also where moviegoers got their first glimpse at Annabelle, locked away in Ed and Lorraine Warren's artifact room. Since the release of the original film, the series has managed to expand by adding new additions nearly every year. It has served as a catalyst for spinoffs like Annabelle, and this year's newest entry, The Nun. Wan served as director for The Conjuring, and its sequel before deciding to step aside. It seems Annabelle 3 will be like an unofficial addition to Wan's first two films for a very specific reason.

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According to Bloody Disgusting, Wan has revealed why the upcoming project will feel more like a Conjuring film. Wan credits the appearance of supernatural specialists Ed and Lorraine Warren for making the film feel more like an unofficial prequel to The Conjuring. While Wan won't be directing, he is on board as producer for Annabelle 3, he is also producing the upcoming The Curse of La Llorona. When asked if Annabelle 3 would feel like an addition to The Conjuring series he stated:

“It finally comes to the Warren’s home so by the very nature of it actually being in the home and the story takes place in the Warren’s home, it feels more like a Conjuring film in that respect.”

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Production on Annabelle 3 has wrapped, and it will arrive next summer in theaters. The film will explore what happens when the doll first arrives in Ed and Lorraine Warren's artifact room. Annabelle 3 stars Mckenna Grace, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Madison Iseman, Steve Coulter, Alison White, and Katie Sarife. Not only will this be the fourth spinoff, but it will also be the sixth installment for Warner Bros.' most successful series. The devilish doll will have its eyes set on the Warren's daughter, Judy (Mckenna Grace), as she gets an up-close experience of what the doll is capable of.

Seeing the Warrens back in action should be exciting for fans of The Conjuring films, as they patiently wait for the third film to release. A trailer for Annabelle 3 should arrive in the next few months, and fans will be able to get a first look at what the doll has up its sleeves this time around. While The Conjuring films aren't all great, they have managed to attract an audience, and next year's outing should be no different.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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