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Annabelle is causing trouble again - this time, in the Warrens' own home - in the trailer for The Conjuring spinoff, Annabelle Comes Home. Where the previous two Annabelle films took place prior to Jame Wan's first Conjuring, this summer's spinoff picks up shortly after that movie's prologue. Young Captain Marvel herself, Mckenna Grace, stars here as the Warrens' ten-year old daughter Judy, who is forced to battle Annabelle when the demonic doll awakens the evil spirits in the cursed artifacts room where she's been stored. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are returning as Ed and Lorraine Warren in the film, but their role is expected to be supporting in nature.

Warner Bros. is no doubt hoping to go three for three here, as far as the box office success of the Annabelle movies are concerned. The studio only announced the title for Annabelle Comes Home a couple weeks ago, shortly before Wan revealed the first official promo art of Annabelle in the Warrens' artifacts museum. Now, with three months left before the spinoff hits theaters, there's some actual footage to check out too.

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The Annabelle Comes Home trailer dropped online online today, and will presumably screen with Pet Sematary in theaters, beginning next weekend. You can watch the preview in the space below.

All in all, this trailer delivers much of what fans have come to expect from The Conjuring franchise (pale-faced demons, jump scare sequences), while at the same time shedding some light on the film's narrative and new characters. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle's Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife (Youth & Consequences) costar as Judy's babysitter Mary Ellen and their "troubled" friend Daniela, who learns the hard way not to mess with the Warrens' cursed artifacts collection (as we see here). Ed and Lorraine show up in a good chunk of this footage too, but it's possible the trailer's been edited to make their role in the film seem larger than it really is. Either way, their scenes alone promise to make Annabelle Comes Home feel more like a full-blown Conjuring movie than its predecessors did.

Speaking of which: Annabelle Comes Home marks the writing-directing debut for Gary Dauberman, who previously wrote the first two Annabelle films and last year's Conjuring prequel-spinoff, The Nun. Dauberman and Wan (who's a producer here) have likened the movie to a scary Night at the Museum-esque adventure. That's a change of pace from the Hammer Horror styling of The Nun and the previous Annabelle spinoffs, which played out like haunted house films. It's also a smart move on their part. By now, audiences know what sort of horror to expect from The Conjuring universe, so that gives Wan and his fellow creatives more freedom to play around with different sub-genres and premises. Still, we'll see if they have any truly fresh tricks up their sleeves when Annabelle Comes Home this June.

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