Annabelle: Creation Poster & Teaser; Full Trailer Tomorrow

In 1970, a nursing student was given a Raggedy Ann doll, which she was told was possessed by a dead girl named Annabelle. Eventually the nursing student and her roommate became so scared by the apparent malicious behavior of the doll, they called demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens removed the doll to their museum of allegedly possessed and haunted items.

Annabelle's story was used within the horror movie The Conjuring in order to help introduce the Warrens. Changed from a Raggedy Ann to a porcelain doll with a creepy smile, the doll was only seen in a few scene but left a big impact. So big that before The Conjuring got a sequel, it first got a spin-off. Annabelle was sort of a prequel, as it told the story of people the doll used to live with before she ended up with the nursing student (who then gave her to the Warrens). It also explained how the doll became haunted, when a murderous woman - Annabelle Higgins - kills herself (in order to avoid being arrested) and a drop of her blood falls on the doll.

Now Annabelle is getting its own sequel/prequel. Titled Annabelle: Creationthe movie tells the story of the dollmaker who made Annabelle - indicating that the possession from the previous film is only a part of the story. In anticipation of the upcoming movie, both a teaser for a new full-length Annabelle: Creation trailer (seen above) and poster (see below) have been revealed.

The poster, showing the Annabelle doll with something scary under the surface, fits in well with the trailer teaser. The teaser shows that the doll is a limited edition item, as she is the first of only one hundred dolls. As any collector can tell you, the box Annabelle came in holds a certain value as well. Collectibles are always more valuable when they have never been removed from the original packaging.

It is not clear yet if this is the exact same Annabelle doll from the previous films, or if something went wrong with all one hundred of them. After all, this origin is different than the one shown in Annabelle. So perhaps all of the Annabelle dolls are meant to be evil. Or it could be the same doll, and there is more to the story then we were previously lead to believe.

At the end of the teaser is a promise for a full trailer for Annabelle: Creation, being released tomorrow. Whether it answers some of the questions that the teaser opened up about the doll's origins is unknown. It may just leave us with more questions.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Key Release Dates
  • Annabelle: Creation (2017) release date: Aug 11, 2017
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