Anna Kendrick's 10 Most Iconic Roles To Rewatch Over and Over

Anna Kendrick has had some amazing roles over the years. Here are 10 of her most iconic that you'll want to rewatch over and over.

Anna Kendrick is a star of stage, screen, and Twitter. Although she's well known for a quip Twitter account these days, Kendrick started out as Broadway star. She's been treading the boards since she was just a child and was nominated for a Tony award at age 13. Since then she's become a stalwart of cinema, starring in a string of comedies, musicals, and dramas.

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Anna Kendrick sure knows how to pick a role and throughout her career, she's starred in a number of highly re-watchable films. Always bringing her trademark sense of humor and charm to every project. Below is a look at ten of her most iconic roles.


By the time Anna Kendrick turned up in Twilight she was already a Tony nominee, but she was far from a household name at the time. It's quite strange to look back and think of the Anna Kendrick the world knows now playing a minor role in the vampiric teen juggernaut. However, this role introduced Kendrick to a new fan base of younger cinema-goers. Kendrick's resume grew extensively as the Twilight franchise trundled on. It's no surprise by the time Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out Jessica Stanely was given a larger role than her novel counterpart.


A self-proclaimed nerd, Anna Kendrick fits in perfectly into the comic-inspired world of Scott Pilgrim. The film has a large ensemble cast with some amazing names. The film is funny and draws on gamer culture as well as grunge and comic books. Playing the titular character's sister was a great role and an early indication of Kendrick's more than capable comedic chops. Her character was sarcastic and quick-talking, two things Kendrick does incredibly well.


A good example of Anna Kendrick's comedic roles, this film also saw Kendrick starring alongside her real-life bestie Aubrey Plaza. The two have worked together on multiple films and have amazing comedic chemistry.

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In this film, Anna and Aubrey play waitresses who are fired for turning up drunk, in order to earn some money they respond to a Craigslist ad asking for wedding dates.


With a background on Broadway and a sunny disposition, it was inevitable that Anna Kendrick would end up voicing a musically inclined animated character. Although Trolls wasn't critically revered, the soundtrack, which included Kendrick singing 'Get Back Up Again' and 'The Sound of Silence,' alongside Justin Timberlake's mega-hit 'Can't Stop The Feeling,' is proved popular around the world.


Over the course of her career, Kendrick has had the chance to explore her musical roots a number of times. Perhaps never on a greater scale than in the Disney adaptation of Sondheim's Into The Woods. The show is a meta breakdown of a number of fairytales and in this instance, Kendrick played the role of Cinderella. In this iteration, Cinderella flees the ball, scared of getting her wish and being disappointed by the outcome. Her sardonic wit and superb singing voice made her a great choice for this part.


End of Watch was a crime drama released in 2012 and written by David Ayer and is a great example of one of Anna Kendrick's more dramatic roles. Starring alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, Kendrick plays the girlfriend and future wife of an LA police officer. The story explores gang violence and the life of a police officer in Los Angeles and was well-received by critics.


Another example of Kendrick's penchant for musicals this teen comedy sees a young Kendrick playing Fritzi, the slightly psychotic high school girl who'll do just about anything for a part in the show. An oddball offering, Camp developed a cult following over the years.

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This role is iconic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it bridges the gap between Kendrick's Broadway success and future career in film. Secondly, her character literally poisons another girl by making her drink washing-up liquid before turning up to the theatre in her costume and stealing her role. Iconic.


This comedy thriller is an amazing blend of genres and gives Anna Kendrick the opportunity to stretch both her comedic and dramatic acting muscles. Starring alongside Blake Lively, Kendrick plays a mummy-blogger who befriends the enigmatic, fashion-forward mother of one of the boys at her son's school. Thinking nothing of it she accepts a request to take care of Lively's child one afternoon and when Lively disappears she begins to investigate the disappearance. At once thrilling and mysterious, A Simple Favour has a great sense of humor about it and will be remembered as one of Kendrick's most re-watchable films.


Up in the Air saw Kendrick playing the protege to George Clooney's corporate downsizer. As the film came out during the recession it was particularly topical and allowed Kendrick to give her most highly lauded performance. Probably her biggest breakthrough role, Kendrick was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Natalie Keener. The film saw her journeying with Clooney's character, laying off employees of large corporations. To this day Up in the Air is Kendrick's most prestigious project and certainly one worth re-watching.


Indisputably her most iconic role, Anna Kendrick starred in all three Pitch Perfect films as Beca Mitchel. Based on a book about competitive collegiate acapella groups, the film saw a group of misfits join an all-female singing group, the Barton Bellas. The Bellas go on to defend their honor against an all-male singing troupe and the entire competitive acapella scene. Kendrick plays reluctant aspiring DJ, Beca, whose cold veneer is eventually melted by the camaraderie of the group. The original film was a massive hit, resulting in two sequels. In this role, Kendrick was able to bring her talents as a singer and a musician, along with her comedic instincts. The film is a friendly and hilarious romp and is absolutely a re-watchable classic.

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