• Here are some anime recommendations for Christmas. 1 / 8

    aggretsuko retsuko haida TLDR vertical
  • Every year people gather around at Christmas to rewatch favorites like It's A Wonder Life. 2 / 8

  • Be it a heart warming classic or an adventure like Die Hard, there's something for everyone. 3 / 8

    die hard TLDR vertical
  • Anime fans can try movies like Tokyo Godfathers, about three homeless people protecting a baby. 4 / 8

    tokyo godfathers TLDR vertical
  • There's Aggretsuko "We Wish You A Metal Christmas," a Netflix special episode. 5 / 8

    aggrestsuko christmas TLDR vertical
  • Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro isn't set at Christmas, but its a great family film. 6 / 8

    my neighbor totoro TLDR vertical
  • Neo Yokio "Pink Christmas" is a funny, bizarre adventure poking fun at the commercialization of Christmas itself. 7 / 8

    neo yokio TLDR vertical
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