SR Geek Picks: An Aging Iron Man, Back To The Future Cake Pops, A Batman Preacher & More!


Switched At Birth?

Wolverine Scissorhands

Artist Evengy Yakovlev has some fantastic mashups like this Wolverine/Edward Scissorhands.


Old Iron Man

Older Stark

An aging Tony Stark created for Comic Con 2010 by Arthur Gimaldinov, a concept artist based in Moscow, Russia.


Anime Avengers

Animated Avengers

Female Avengers Assemble!


Italian Spider-Man

Watch the "Complete & Uncut" version.


Channel 4 News Team Mug

Anchorman mug

Even milk is not a bad choice with this Anchorman mug.


Marvel Is Debating Keeping Thor Fat In Love & Thunder

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