SR Geek Picks: An Aging Iron Man, Back To The Future Cake Pops, A Batman Preacher & More!


Batman Preacher



The Dark Knight + Hitchcock =

The Dark Knight with Vertigo's score.


DC Comics Bathrobes

Batman after the shower

We recently picked the Marvel versions of these, can't leave our DC friends out.


Nolan Trilogy Fan Art

The Nolanverse

Nolanfans has some fantastic fan art including this piece by NateLovett


DC Comics Caped Pint Glass

This glass should fill you with fear

Think of all the girls you'll get while sipping this!


Superman Pet Costume

Krypto eat your heart out!

Sic 'em Krypto!


Superhero Tutus

Super Cuteness

Do they make these in Men's sizes? Not for me, it's uh....for a friend of mine. Yeah, that's the ticket!


Marvel Is Debating Keeping Thor Fat In Love & Thunder

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