New Animated 'Star Wars' TV Comedy Show In the Works

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If I had told you last Thursday (April 1) that a new comedic Star Wars TV show was being developed and that the writing talent behind "The Daily Show" and "Robot Chicken" were involved in it, you probably would have just rolled your eyes and moved on.  After all, George Lucas has already proven he's more than willing to exploit his sci-fi creation for all its worth but even that idea sounds a bit far-fetched.

Well, the maestro of operatic sci-fi warfare has shocked fans again as his Lucasfilm Animation studios has announced that they are indeed working on a comedy series set in the legendary galaxy far, far away.  This will be the organization's second TV project as their first, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," premiered only back in 2008 and is currently in its second season.

This as-yet untitled comedy series will be produced by Daytime Emmy and Gemini Award-winner Jennifer Hill (The Backyardians) and directed by Todd Grimes (Back at the Barnyard).  As I indicated before, the writing staff will include Brendan Hay (The Daily Show) and the creators of Robot Chicken themselves, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.

Now, to be fair, this isn't the first project that George Lucas and the Robot Chicken crew have collaborated on.  He even personally participated in their two Star Wars specials, lending his voice for a couple of their saga-skewering skits.  Poking fun at and satirizing just about everything in the Star Wars universe has been fair game since... well, 1977 pretty much.

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Still, consider what Seth Green has to say on this new Star Wars series:

"The Star Wars universe is so dense and rich; it's crazy to think that there aren't normal, mundane everyday problems in a world so well-defined and it's even crazier to think of what those problems might be, since it's all set in a galaxy far, far away. What do these characters do when they're not overthrowing Empires?"

While he may have a good point, it seems like more than a little bit of a stretch to assume that fans really want to see a show that revolves around the wacky sit-com antics of a family of Wookies or Jawas.  But hey, the CGI-adventures of Anakin and friends as they battle the evil Separatists (ie. The Clone Wars) seemed likely to be greeted with little to no interest two years ago so... who knows?

So what do you folks out there say?  Is George Lucas really scrounging at the bottom of the barrel with this idea?  Or do you think that Hay, Green and Seinrich can come up with some flat-out hilarious stories sets in the mystical Star Wars universe?

Neither a release date nor an associated network has been announced for the comedy show as of yet.  Per usual, we'll keep you folks updated on any new developments.

Source: Variety, Coming Soon

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