Animated Spider-Man Movie Casting Call Confirms Miles Morales?

Miles Morales

Spider-Man received his third big screen iteration this year with Tom Holland playing the beloved character in Captain America: Civil War. Before Holland joined the project however, there was a large group of fans that hoped that Marvel and Sony would put Miles Morales behind the mask this time around. While that clearly is not the case, when an Animated Spider-Man Movie was announced, it was reported that the African-American/Puerto Rican teen hero could be the lead. However, there has yet to be any sort of official word pointing toward Miles getting the big screen treatment.

That may be changing however thanks to a new casting call. While the call does not definitely state the Miles will be the lead, the description for him and his best friend will definitely sound familiar to Miles' fans.

Backstage (via CBM) have released two descriptions for roles for a Sony animated film that has the working title of 'Cabin Fever.' The project has been described as "a Sony Animated feature which chronicles the adventures of two unlikely friends, Terrence and Pete," but the title and names appear to be just placeholders to keep everything secretive. Read the character descriptions for yourself and see if they fit for Miles and potentially Ganke Lee as well.

(Lead) Terrence: a young African-American/Puerto Rican teen from Brooklyn; he is new to this suburban school and now feeling out of place, overwhelmed, pressured with new responsibilities, and dealing with puberty; while trying to fit in he must do his best to stay out of trouble; along the way in developing his identity he's losing old friends but now making a new one, Pete.

(Supporting) Pete: a young, slightly geeky, Asian-American teen; he's smart, sweet, and encouraging; although very unlike any of the friends Terrence had in his old Brooklyn neighborhood, Pete proves to be a good fit for Terrence making good decisions.

Miles Morales Spider-Man

While there are no direct links to Spider-Man here, it is the only animated Sony project that fits these descriptions. In the comics, Miles is from Brooklyn so the setting alone fits into this movie. Meanwhile, having an Asian-American as his best friend is a perfect comparison to Ganke, who again has the same role throughout the comics. With these being the two primary roles looking to be filled already, the buddy angle is something that co-writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller have done before (see the Jump Street movies).

This would certainly be Miles' big break into the public conscious. He is well-known to Marvel comics readers, but is far less widely-recognizable than Peter Parker. However, he will hold the Spider-Man title in the film presumably, so Sony should have no trouble selling an animated Spider-Man film to audiences - just look at how well Spider-Man did across multiple mediums in 2016 alone. This could be a great avenue to introduce Miles to the public and earn the character more young fans too, ahead of (hopefully, one day) his introduction in the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Animated Spider-Man Movie (official title TBA) will open in U.S. theaters on December 21st, 2018.

Source: Backstage [via CBM]

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