Animated Spider-Man Movie Adds Gravity Falls Creator As Story Contributor

Miles Morales Spider-Man

Sony's animated Spider-Man feature stars Miles Morales as the titular webslinger in place of Peter Parker in his feature film debut. Many fans have been hoping to see Miles hit the big screen in a Spider-Man live-action movie since the character's inception, yet it has been Peter Parker (played first by Andrew Garfield and now by Tom Holland), over and over again. For his part, Miles Morales has been included in the animated TV shows.

When Sony announced that they would be developing an animated Spider-Man movie with Bob Persichetti and Peter Ramsey co-directing fans immediately began turning their attention toward other members of the production teams. While casting has yet to be announced, a very exciting name in animation has joined the movie.

The Wrap is reporting that Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch (who also provides the voices for Grunkle Stan and Soos on the show), has been tapped as a story contributor for the Spider-Man animated feature. Hirsch is also a writer and storyboard artist on Gravity Falls, meaning that he understands almost all unique aspects that go into making an animated project come to life.

Gravity Falls

His first feature film work as a writer is on Legendary's forthcoming live-action Detective Pikachu, making Spider-Man another big project on his resume. This will be Hirsch's first time working with Sony, with most of his past animation work being for Disney - ironically, the parent company that owns Marvel. As a well-established writer and creator in animation he lends a certain amount of clout to the movie.

With Hirsch's experience voice acting on Gravity Falls it will be interesting for fans to watch closely and see if they can hear one of his performances crop up in Spider-Man. Given the tone of the shows he's worked on previously it is likely that he will be handling much of the humor that will appear in the movie and be responsible for making sure Miles is appropriately jokey. Jokes are integral to any self-respecting Spider-Man, so this is a very important job.

On the other hand, Hirsch has a lot more television experience than he does in the realm of feature film. Spider-Man is going to be a big proving ground for him in terms of the scale of projects he has worked on and the scale of the characters he writes. Despite being relatively new to Marvel Comics, Miles is an incredibly important character who deserves to star in an awesome animated movie. Not to mention the plethora of fans that are already excited for this project!

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We will keep you posted on any Spider-Man animated movie developments.

Source: The Wrap

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