10 Animated Films That 90s Kids Have Forgotten About

If you’re not a kid from the '90s, man, did you miss out! The '90s were a spectacular time in popular culture, namely for the movies that came reeling out. Besides cult classics like Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, and Jurassic Park, there was a bevy of animated cartoons that have stuck with us '90s kids well over 20 years later.

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In fact, there are so many spectacular cartoons that came out in the '90s that some of them have been forgotten about in our incessant nostalgia. It’s almost guaranteed that you have seen the following films, but they aren’t ones that you think of on a regular basis. Maybe you just saw them once, maybe you watch them over and over again, but after this careful reminder, you’ll be itching to get a snippet of these '90s films again. Here are 10 animated films that '90s kids have forgotten about.

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10 Doug's First Movie

In 1999, Nickelodeon came out with a film for everyone’s favorite Funnie: Doug Funnie, that is. The television series has proven itself to be one of Nickelodeon' most successful '90s animation TV series, alongside shows such as Rugrats and Hey Arnold. The title is Doug‘s First Movie, although sadly, Doug never got a second.

When Doug and his best friend Skeeter discover a creature in Lucky Duck Lake, they learn that their hometown lake is being polluted. After befriending the monster, Doug and his friends work to expose the man behind it all. All of Doug's main cast appears in the film, including Patti Mayonaise, Roger, and Porkchop, and Doug's alter-ego, Quailman.

9 A Troll In Central Park

Even if you can’t remember the plot from the film, this picture is sure to elicit some memories. A Troll in Central Park came out in 1994. It’s a musical fantasy comedy film derived from creators of The Land Before Time in All Dogs Go to Heaven. It’s about Stanley the troll who has a magical green thumb that will revive dying flowers or plants.

However, the Kingdom of Trolls does not allow this, and he is taken as a prisoner by Gnorga, the queen. She banishes him to New York's Central Park, where he finds his friends Gus and Rosie. This film had mediocre success compared to the creator's other stories, but it’s definitely one every '90s kid has seen at some point or another.

8 Quest For Camelot

Quest for Camelot is an animated film that is ahead of its time. It came out in 1998 and told the story of Kaylee, whose father, Sir Lionel, is one of the knights of the round table. She wants to be a knight like her father, but her childhood dreams are hindered as an adult.

After an attack on her castle 10 years later, Kaylee becomes the heroine who venturous forth to find Excalibur to save their kingdom. Quest for Camelot has a cast of colorful characters, with the comical two-headed dragons, Devon and Cornwall, helping to steal the show.

7 We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

If you dig back far enough into your memories, you’ll remember We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story. It’s a 1993 animated film based off of the 1987 children’s book. Coming from the perspective of Rex, the Tyrannosaurus, he and his friends find their way into present-day New York City.

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The "Brain Grain" is made up of a triceratops named Woog, a Parasaurolophus named Dweeb, and Elsa the Pteranodon. Before this journey, however, they are captured by an alien who infuses the dinosaurs with artificial intelligence. Their inventor, Captain Neweyes, encourages them to go to the Museum of Natural History so that children can see real dinosaurs. On their way, they meet Louis and Cecelia, who help them find their way to the museum.

6 Annabelle's Wish

Annabelle‘s Wish is most certainly remembered as a Christmas film. Annabelle the calf is given to a mute boy named Billy. Billy lives with his Grandpa Charles Baker on the Tennessee farm.

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus gives the farm animals a Christmas wish and grants them all the gift of speech. Annabelle reveals their secret to Billy accidentally, which helps bring out a unique friendship. Annabelle acts as Billy’s voice in this telling tale that has more heartfelt symbolism than most other 1997 animated films.

5  Oliver And Company

Oliver and Company may not have been 100% forgotten by most '90s kids. However, it is rarely revisited as adults in comparison to films like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. The film opens up with a heartbreaking scene of the little orange tabby cat, Oliver, being left abandoned in a box on the street.

Oliver finds his home among the stray dogs of New York City (are you starting to see a pattern here?) until he eventually finds Jenny. The film's cast is made up of a handful of very well-known characters including Billy Joel and Bette Midler.

4 DuckTales The Movie: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp


DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp came out in 1990 after the success of its television series. Scrooge McDuck goes to the Middle East to find a treasure chest. Huey, Dewey, and Louie, of course, assist their uncle in this quest.

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The story is chock-full of adventure, including a magical Genie, Scrooges' arrest, and Merlock the evil sorcerer, who is vigorously determined to steal the Genie's lamp.

3 All Dogs Go To Heaven

All Dogs Go to Heaven - Best Dog Movies

Why does it seem that so many '90s animated films were set to break our little innocent hearts? In 1998, All Dogs Go To Heaven came out in a fantasy-infused musical drama film about a German shepherd named Charlie B. Barkin (are you just now getting that pun?) and his best friend Itchy. Classics songs like "You Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down," along with the remaining characters, Carface and Killer, should help restore the full memory of this film.

When Carface has Charlie killed, Charlie escapes death by stealing a pocket watch that he finds in Heaven. Under the threat that he can never return, Charlie winds the watch and lands back on Earth, where he is determined to live out his life. Here, he meets Anne-Marie, the loving orphan girl who helps him change his ways.

2 Rescuers Down Under

Rescuers Down Under

One of Disney’s less celebrated animated films, The Rescuers Down Under came as a sequel to the 1977 original, The Rescuers. This time, however, the two diligent mice, Bernard and Bianka, are in the Australian outback helping their new young friend, Cody, protect Mahute, a rare golden eagle.

But when the Australian poacher Percival C. McLeach finds out what Cody has been hiding, it’s up to the two small creatures to protect the boy from McLeach and his crocodiles. The Rescuers are always resolute on their adventures, bringing enthusiastic and somewhat thrilling tales to kids of the 1990s.

1 Pokemon: The Movie

Mewtwo Anime

Even if you weren’t a Pokémon card collector in the 90s, Pokémon: The Movie enticed young audiences across various backgrounds. Bouncing directly off of the Japanese animated TV series, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu set out to face their most dangerous opponent yet, Mewtwo.

After the incredibly intelligent Pokémon makes an army of enhancing Pokémon clones, it’s up to Ash and his friends to stop him from destroying the planet.

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