Animated Doctor Strange DVD Website Is Live

The website for the next straight-to-DVD Marvel animated feature, Doctor Strange, is now online. Click here or on the image to go there.

I've never been a reader of the comic book, except for one issue many years ago that I thought had the most amazing artwork but that lost at some point. I saw the trailer for this on the animated Invincible Iron Man DVD that came out recently and I actually thought it looked pretty cool.

On the site you can watch a small trailer for the DVD, see a list of who is supplying the voiceovers and a bit of trivia, but that's about it. Most of it is labeled "Coming Soon."

Here's a summary of the story from the website:

Dr. Stephen Strange was one of the most gifted surgeons in medicine before his hands were left shattered and useless as a result of a car crash. Spending his fortune in pursuit of a way to fix his fractured body, the dejected doctor believed all was lost until the Ancient One offered him hope and healing in Tibet.

Training mind, body and soul with the Ancient One and his pupils, Doctor Strange’s scope, power and compassion grows as he steps closer to his mystical fate. But to fully embrace his destiny and protect the worlds of magic and reality, Strange must face betryal, death and the emergence of Dormammu.

Doctor Strange will be released on August 14.

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