The 10 Best Friendships In Animated Disney Movies, Ranked

Disney’s animated movies may be best known for their memorable songs, sweet romances, and stunning animations, but that's not all that is to be admired. Disney films also happen to have a whole bunch of iconic friendships — and that’s what we’ll be looking at today.

In this ranking, we’ll be stacking up the best friendships to appear in films created by Walt Disney Animation Studios. This means Pixar films won’t be taken into consideration.

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Additionally, we won’t be considering Disney characters who are siblings or have a main-character and side-kick relationship. Though we love Anna and Elsa or Rapunzel and Pascal as much as everyone else does, their bonds belong in categories of their own.

With that said, here are the best friendships to appear in Disney’s animated movies.

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10 Tiana and Charlotte

The leading ladies of The Princess and the Frog, Tiana and Charlotte, come from very different backgrounds. While Tiana has large ambitions and has to work hard to get where she wants in life, Charlotte basically has everything handed to her. Despite this, they get along incredibly well and have a sweet friendship.

We first see them listening to a story together as kids. We later see Tiana comforting Charlotte when she becomes worried her prince will never come, and toward the conclusion of the film, we witness Charlotte getting excited for Tiana and Prince Naveen's budding relationship.

9 Copper and Todd

The Fox and the Hound - Disney

Foxes and dogs aren't supposed to be best friends, but these two defied all the odds.

The Fox and the Hound starred Copper and Todd's friendship, and it's adorable as anything. Even when the external forces of nature try to pull them apart, they fight against it because they care about each other too much.

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Though Copper and Todd's film is not regarded quite as highly as other Disney classics, its impossible to forget their bond.

8 Gus and Jaq

Disney Animated Cinderella Jaq Gus Mice Dancing

The leading mice of Cinderella quickly form a friendship after the titular princess rescues Gus from Lucifer the cat. With Jaq acting as the more dominant half of the duo, he assists Gus in acclimating to the world around him as they both help out Cinderella.

Additionally, it is cute to watch the pair care about the same things and get excited about the same things. They're always seen together and continue to team up in both of Cinderella's sequels.

7 Robin Hood and Little John

These two have a song that describes their friendship. A song. Not every set of Disney characters can claim that.

Robin Hood and Little John's friendship with each other is laidback and loyal, and those two things are enough to make it work. They're always there for each other and do whatever is needed to help one another succeed. We support the bromance.

6 Lumière and Cogsworth

The comedic candelabra and clock of Beauty and the Beast have a friendship like no other. While Lumière is always getting on the nerves of the tightly wound Cogsworth, they're there for each other in the important moments. After all, nothing brings people together quite like being transformed from servants into household objects.

Did we mention they put on some spectacular musical numbers? Be. Our. Guest.

5 Mushu and Cri-Kee

These two have the world's sassiest friendship, and we're kind of obsessed.

Cri-Kee aids Mushu in his journey to help Mulan survive the army, usually going along with whatever his friend demands. That being said, Cri-Kee sometimes finds ways to get back at Mushu's wise-cracking personality. Their friendly comradery is golden.

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Though Cri-Kee never says a word, he and Mushu's expressions (along with Mushu's remarks) lead us on to what a funny relationship these two have.

4 Pochohantus and Nakoma

Possibly the most underrated Disney friendship of all time is between Pocahontas and Nakoma. The two are part of the Powhatan tribe and have most likely been best friends since childhood.

We see them having fun together, like when Pocahontas flips their canoe and they get into a water fight. On the flip side, we see them being real with each other, like when Nakoma confronts Pocahontas about her interaction with John Smith.

Despite their different viewpoints at times, Nakoma always has Pocahontas' back. At one point in their film, she lies to Kocoum about not knowing where her best friend is. All this goes to say, these two have an unbreakable sister-like bond.

3 Genie and Aladdin

Sure, technically Aladdin is the Genie's master. That being said, their bond actually ascends the master-servant relationship, with Aladdin's last wish being that the Genie be set free. This is an incredibly touching moment. After all, true friends sacrifice their desires for the best interests of those they are closest to.

The Genie cares for Aladdin just as much. Even though the Genie is required to do Aladdin's bidding, he cares about Aladdin and his life, rescuing him when he almost drowns.

2 Lilo and Stitch

Perhaps the most endearing friendship on the list is that of Lilo and Stitch. After all, they got an entire movie named after their friendship. Let's also not forget that the not as good but still cute TV show themed around them exists as well.

When Lilo first adopts Stitch, she believes he is a funny-looking dog, rather than an alien life form. Either way, their friendship lands somewhere on the scale between that of owner and pet and best buds. They create a ton of mischief and we are here for it.

1 Timon and Pumbaa

Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.

While Pumbaa is a happy-go-lucky warthog, Timon is his wise-cracking counterpart. Their differences are what balances them out so well, and their problem-free philosophy is what brings them close together: Hakuna Matata.

While Timon and Pumbaa are best known for their starring roles in The Lion King, the pair also happened to receive their own 1994 TV show called... wait for it... Timon & Pumbaa. We fully support any and all types of media that give us more of these two.

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