Firefly TV Series Returns in Fan-Made Animated Trailer

Firefly fan-made animation - Zoe and Wash

More than a decade has passed since Joss Whedon’s Firefly was cancelled after only one season, but fans of the now cult series have not forgotten the crew of the Serenity. While the TV show received a movie follow-up called Serenity, designed to offer fans the closure they needed and deserved, the Browncoats still haven't given up hope of the crew coming back to the small screen in one way or another.

Although the Firefly franchise has extended to comic books and even role-playing games, there’s nothing like following the adventures of Captain Mal and crew through space on our TV screens. Sadly, a Firefly return seems unlikely (at least for now) but that didn’t stop Irish artist Stephen Byrne from bringing to life an animated teaser for a triumphant return of the Serenity and its crew.

Titled The Animated Adventures of Firefly, this 39-second long teaser reunites the main characters of the series – even those we lost in Serenity – and fans will be happy to see that some things have not changed even after all these years, such as Jayne’s taste for weapons, Simon running away from danger, River fighting against robots, young Kaylee in peril, and Mal and Inara locking lips. The teaser also shows a very brief glimpse at Shepherd Book coming through a door and an emotional moment with a grieving Zoe and a hologram of Wash – the same moment that served as a “teaser of the teaser” gif released two years ago, when the video was still in production.

Firefly fan-made animation - Zoe and Wash

While all Browncoats, Whedon fans, and sci-fi enthusiasts in general no doubt wish that this was a teaser for an actual Firefly animated series, coming soon to either our TV screens or streaming service of preference, this is only a fan project brought to us by a very talented artist and animator. Among Byrne’s projects are other Whedonverse-related videos such as an animated intro for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other fan-favorite shows like Doctor Who.

There are no plans to bring the crew back either in a TV series or movie, but never underestimate the power of popular demand. In the last years we have witnessed fandoms coming together to make movies and series happen, and with streaming services such as Netflix picking up projects that TV studios are not willing to take, there will always be hope for a Firefly related project becoming a reality - especially if the original cast are ready to get back onboard.

Source: Stephen Byrne

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