Animals Season 3 Full Trailer: HBO’s Talking Critters Navigate An Apocalyptic NYC

The full trailer for season 3 of HBO’s animated comedy, Animals, delves deeper into the post-apocalyptic future for New York City, while also shedding more light on the new live-action elements being introduced. The first two seasons of the irreverent comedy introduced plenty of talking critters to a variety of scenarios, from the outrageous to the banal, and the third season looks to change thing up a bit. First by bombing New York City back to the stone age, and second by bringing humans into the mix; namely, Demi Moore as the woman in charge of some bumbling soldiers whose job it is to monitor the chatty denizens of NYC.

The move to include live-action skits will be a major shift for the series, one that seems to provide a little more context to the post-apocalyptic scenario the show is now set to explore. A teaser trailer released not long ago offered the first glimpse at the military surveillance of the Big Apple, but here it looks as though the live-action segments will play a much bigger part in season 3 than previously thought. And with Demi Moore now a surprising part of the show’s cast, why not?

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The new setting and the addition of living, breathing humans to the cast aren’t all the trailer is showing off. As is sometimes the case with comedies, the laughs tend to get bigger and the skits a little tighter as the series progresses and the talent involved begin to figure out what the show is and how best to capitalize on and execute its concept. The result is a third season of one of HBO’s weirdest shows that seems to have really stepped into its own. If nothing else, the new circumstances of season 3 might prove to be the perfect jumping-on point for new viewers looking to kill a half hour on a Friday night. 

Animals Season 3

Animals is just one part of HBO’s increasingly eclectic lineup of late-night fare. Joining the (semi) animated comedy on August 3 is the debut of Terence Nance’s Random Acts of Flyness. Both series seem interested in shedding convention in favor of pursuing more experimental avenues of storytelling, both in terms of subversive comedy and addressing social and cultural concerns. The series are part of an ever-expanding lineup that also includes the must-watch High Maintenance as well as Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas, which cover wholly different themes and ideas from unique perspectives. 

If nothing else, HBO has quietly grown a very interesting batch of late-night shows, all of which are worth checking out. And don’t worry if you’re not much of a night owl, you can check all the programs out at your leisure on HBO Go and HBO Now. 

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Animals season 3 premieres Friday, August 3 @11:30pm on HBO.

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