Animal Kingdom Season 4 Premiere Date Confirmed With New Trailer

Season 4 of TNT’s Animal Kingdom gets its first trailer and a premiere date, as the Cody clan welcome Bones star Emily Deschanel in a guest role.

Jake Weary and Ellen Barkin in Animal Kingdom TNT

Ellen Barkin makes it clear she’s the boss of the Cody crime family in the new trailer for season 4 of TNT’s Animal Kingdom. The series has been a reliable hit for the cable network over the past three years, offering viewers a little appointment television for the summertime. With its crime-centric narrative, twisty plots, and dramatic storytelling, the American adaption of David Michôd’s 2010 Australian film of the same name has managed to move well past the misgivings of potentially skeptical audiences to deliver a crime series that rivals Sons of Anarchy. 

The first few seasons were spent with Cody family newcomer J (Finn Cole, Peaky Blinders), who quickly learned that his relatives weren’t what they seemed. Since then, J has been fully enmeshed with the likes of Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Craig (Ben Robson), and Deran (Jake Weary), as well as the late Baz (Scott Speedman). But the most important member of the family is Smurf (Ellen Barkin), and she’s the one angling for J to play both sides in the new trailer which promises plenty of the same familial disputes that have come to be an integral part of the series, as well as a new adversary who promises to take everything away from the Codys. 

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The new trailer makes its clear that Smurf’s time behind bars last season is well behind her and now she’s ready to once again take the reins of the family. Unfortunately, the boys have had a little taste of freedom and they’re more than a little reluctant to step into line once again. Check out the trailer and a brief synopsis of the new season below:

“This season, Smurf (Barkin) is back on top reminding her boys who’s boss no matter whom she hurts in the process. Trapped with Smurf and becoming increasingly unhinged, Pope (Hatosy) has found new and dangerous ways to deal with his anger. J (Cole) continues to scheme about how to take over the family business, Craig (Robson) plots one of their most difficult heists and Deran (Weary) is worried about his future with Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark). As always, outsiders move in to threaten the Cody’s fragile peace, including Angela (Deschanel), the former best friend of J’s deceased mother and a recovering junkie, who tries to snake her way back into the family’s good graces. A new criminal crew is also introduced with a surprising connection to the Codys.”

While the trailer offers up plenty of what’s to come in season 4, it doesn’t introduce series newcomer and Bones star Emily Deschanel in the role of Angela. Deschanel’s casting was a welcome surprise as she’s not necessarily the first name one might consider when it comes to joining the likes of Animal Kingdom. That same couldn’t be said for season 3’s guest star Denis Leary, who immediately seemed like a perfect fit for the show. Nevertheless, Deschanel’s character offers a chance for the series to explore where J is from, as opposed to where he’s going, which could result in some interesting insight into the nascent criminal. 

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Animal Kingdom season 4 premieres Tuesday, May 28 @9pm on TNT.

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