Denis Leary Joins the Family in Animal Kingdom Season 3 Trailer

TNT releases the Animal Kingdom season 3 trailer, introducing Denis Leary as a new member of the Cody family. Based off the 2010 Australian film of the same name, Animal Kingdom follows the criminal goings on of the Cody family. Led by matriarch Smurf (Ellen Barkin), season 1 saw the family bring in her grandson J (Finn Cole) after his mother died, though his uncles - Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Baz (Scott Speedman), Craig (Ben Robson), and Deran (Jake Weary) - weren't exactly welcoming.

Season 2 continued to see the Cody family crack apart under the pressure from consequences of their thieving and other criminal activities. Plus, the boys wanted to strike out on their own, while Smurf was determined to keep them all together. The Animal Kingdom season 2 finale ended with Smurf in prison and another major cliffhanger leaving the fate of one member of the Cody family in question. However, since TNT renewed Animal Kingdom for season 3, fans will get to watch the continuing saga of the crime family this summer.

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Ahead of Animal Kingdom's return at the end of May, TNT has released a trailer for the upcoming third season. The trailer introduces Denis Leary as one of the fathers of the Cody men; it was previously established they each have different fathers, but Leary will be playing Deran's father Billy. According to a description of the character, Billy is a drifter who Smurf kicked out of the Cody family home many years ago. Based on the trailer, it must have been before Deran was old enough to remember him, though Pope remembers Billy just fine.

The Animal Kingdom season 3 trailer further teases a new order to the Cody family wherein J is their leader while Smurf is in prison. This is the result of Smurf giving J power of attorney in Animal Kingdom season 2, a move that angered Baz. For his part, Baz isn't seen much in the trailer, keeping the fate of the character unknown after the finale cliffhanger in which he was gravely injured. Speedman's Baz has been a key player in Animal Kingdom for the first two seasons and it seems likely he'll factor into season 3, but where exactly he stands with the rest of the family remains to be seen.

In its first two seasons, Animal Kingdom has earned largely positive reviews from critics and built up a solid viewership base, so it makes sense TNT would want to bring the series back for a third outing. Of course, the show has changed shape somewhat since its first season, with its characters having evolved a great deal. But at the heart of the series is the familial drama between the various members of the Cody family, which keeps viewers coming back each week. With new additions like Leary for season 3, it seems Animal Kingdom will evolve even more. Whether that proves to keep critics and fans hooked remains to be seen, but the Animal Kingdom season 3 trailer certainly teases a compelling new installment in the saga of the Cody family.

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Animal Kingdom season 3 premieres Tuesday, May 29 on TNT.

Source: TNT

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