Animal Kingdom: 10 Best Episodes (According to IMDb)

Animal Kingdom is definitely one TV show that's surprisingly flown under the radar. From TNT, this show just finished its fourth season. With Finn Cole (from Peaky Blinders), Ellen Barkin, and Jake Weary, this show follows a family in Los Angeles as they plan and execute robberies. This show has all the family drama, heist intensity, and crime goodness you could ever ask for in a TV show. So before we get the fifth season, we thought we'd make a list of the 10 best episodes so far.

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Without further ado, here are the 10 highest ranked episodes of this hit show, according to IMDb. Warning: brutal spoilers ahead.

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10 "Wolves" (8.8)

We all remember Nicky, right? Well, in season 3, episode 4, Nicky isn't exactly on board with Mia moving in. Smurf is battling with the DA and the decision to give up her boys in return for less jail time. The boys, however, execute a job. If that isn't enough, Deran's dad, Bill, shows up, and Smurf isn't exactly too pleased about it.

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Between Nicky and Mia, Bill and Smurf, and the boys' job, this episode is exciting and definitely dramatic, scoring it the first slot on this list with a solid 8.8.

9 "You Will Be Gutted" (8.9)

With this kind and polite episode title of season 2, episode 12, it's safe to say not everything goes well for the Cody family. Smurf navigates jail, which, we all know she isn't the type of person to do well in that kind of setting.

While she's gone, Baz attempts to take control of the family and all of their assets. Also not shockingly, the other boys have some other ideas. Oh, the power struggle. Can you think of a better show that tackles an affinity for power?

8 "Cry Havoc" (9.0)

In this episode, (season 2, episode 6), Javi puts the pressure on Smurf until she has to concede and ask J for help. On the other hand, Baz is confronted with the idea that Catherine has been hiding a secret from him.

As well, he and Pope clash (what else is new, right?). Everyone in this episode is definitely crying havoc, including its viewers, probably. Still, a 9.0 is pretty impressive, and we loved all the chaos.

7 "Jackpot" (9.0)

In season 3, episode 11, Smurf coerces the boys to join her in the intense trade-off between her and Lucy, where they exchange Marco for the money Lucy stole from Baz. Not all goes as planned (shocker), and Pope gets captured by Lucy (he doesn't have much luck with Baz's ladies). In this episode, Lucy actually gets out of Smurf that she's the reason Baz was killed, something the boys couldn't quite do themselves.

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This episode has many twists and turns, and boy, we couldn't quite keep up. However, we're not complaining, and we're totally supporting this episode receiving a 9.0.

6 "The Hyenas" (9.0)

Many of the season finales of Animal Kingdom have made this list, which isn't shocking when you remember the emotional roller-coaster that the show has put fans through. In season 3, episode 13, Craig pulls his burglary job with Frankie, which, is pretty awesome. What isn't so happy-go-lucky is when Mia is sent down to Mexico to, well, kill Lucy.

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If that isn't enough murder, Morgan's body is also found on the pier. On the plus side, Deran and Adrian buy a house together, so there is a silver lining. (Let's forget he gets stopped by the airport police.)

5 "Judas Kiss" (9.1)

This episode, (season 1, episode 9), is the brilliant and intense paintball heist. You remember, where a game of paintball turns into a huge heist against a military base for a whole lot of cash.

If that isn't enough suspense for one episode, Smurf finds out that Catherine stole from her, and Pope is unleashed to solve the problem. You know where this is going, and no, we're not over it yet.

4 "What Have You Done" (9.2)

This season finale (season 1, episode 10), follows Pope and Smurf as they struggle to keep Catherine's fate a secret from Baz (who knew hiding your son's/brother's wife's murder would be tricky, hey?) If that wasn't enough - remember the Camp Pendleton heist?

The Cody brothers get their cash, and as we're sure you could guess, the drama only continues from there. Simply, the title of this episode is pretty encapsulating of the drama that goes down.

3 "Betrayal" (9.2)

This season finale also makes this list, (season 2, episode 13), Smurf finds out that her jail sentence isn't about to be as short as she thought. Also, Pope finally confesses to Baz that he killed Catherine. Surprisingly, he forgives him? If that isn't enough, Baz also gets shot at the end of this episode.

We had a lot of questions when we finished watching this episode. As angry as we are about it, we loved every intense and brutal second of this one.

2 "Ambo" (9.5)

In season 4, episode 8, flashbacks continue regarding Smurf and her boyfriend's gang. Unsurprisingly, Smurf becomes the ring leader. However, in present-day, the boys pull the job that J sets up, but things don't go as planned.

Long story short, Mia and Tupi get involved. This episode is another tornado of intensity and family drama, but it's so brilliantly done it landed an incredible 9.5.

1 "Ghosts" (9.6)

This episode (season 4, episode 12), takes the gold medal with a whopping 9.6/10 on IMDb. When Smurf organizes a personal heist against Jed, the boys set out on this mysterious job. Smurf kills Jed, which leads to a gunfight that almost gets them all killed. Smurf admits that she wanted it to be a suicide mission since she didn't want to die from cancer. To say this episode is intense is an understatement, and we loved every riveting second of it.

If you love Animal Kingdom as much as we do, and want to watch some more stellar shows from TNT, we suggest you head over to The Alienist and its rumored second series, The Angel of Darkness.

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