Animal Crossing Game Pocket Camp is Coming to Mobile

Nintendo has announced a new game titled Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android, releasing this November.

Nintendo has announced the new game titled Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile on iOS and Android coming out this November. The Animal Crossing video game series was first released in 2001 and centers around a human avatar who lives in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. In the game you carry out various activities including fishing, bug catching, fossil hunting, furniture collecting and completing tasks for your fellow neighbors, while saving up money to upgrade your house.

After the success of the first game, Nintendo released Animal Crossing: Wild World in 2005 which utilized Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allowing players to travel and visit the villages of other players. The company then released Animal Crossing: City Folk in 2008, adding a city to the game, and released the latest installment, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which allowed the player to become mayor of the town and mini-games, in 2013.

Now, Nintendo is releasing a new title to the Animal Crossing franchise called Pocket Camp, available for mobile phones set for release in late November according to GameSpot. The game will allow players to customize their character and, instead of the traditional house, they will be able to set up their own campground with furniture and themed items available to buy at the various shops. The game also features other characteristics players will find similar like the real-time day/night cycle, activities like catching bugs and fish, and planting copious amounts of fruit trees.

Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp

There are some changes though that make Pocket Camp more complex than the other Animal Crossing installments. Instead of falling into debt from the iconic Tom Nook, players will have OK Motors where you can purchase upgrades that expand your RV's interior and decorate your in-game camper. Another change is the new crafting system, which allows players to turn crafting materials you get from completing tasks from visitors into furniture with the help of series regular, Cyrus.

Friendships also have a heavier role in this game. When completing tasks for your neighbors or decorating your campsite with their favorite furniture, it raises your friendship level up prompting a visit from them. The game also features an in-game currency system called Leaf Tickets, which are earned through gameplay or real-world money. Leaf Tickets allow you to shorten the time needed to craft items, easily acquire materials and unique exterior designs for your camper. Pocket Camp will also allow players to visit other players' camps or trade items by sharing game IDs and will be rolling out seasonal events to keep the game “fresh and surprising” including limited-time furniture and outfits.

As some added bonuses: you can now fish with a fishing net to catch multiple fish at once, you can change your characters hair and eye color and there’s a pool your character can relax in.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on all news about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp . The game is set for release in late November.

Source: Gamespot

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