More Angry Wolverine Pictures

We've stumbled upon three new X-Men Origins: Wolverine images. Don't worry, they don't give away any details about the movie and you aren't missing anything. Hugh Jackman is as ripped as ever, and like the French poster, always angry.

XMenFilms has three exclusive promo photos, though they look like a photo shoot for Genre magazine. He shows off the claws and the redneck t-shirt, but comes off as unnecessarily upset--maybe he's seen the first cut of the film. Why so angry, Wolvie?

Head over to XMenFilms to see the rest in high-res.

And I still think he looks too tall, Sabretooth can't call him a "little runt" if he's the same height. I guess I have to relive those days when the X-Men: The Animated Series hits DVD release April 28 of this year. If you can't wait that long, iTunes has Season 1 already available at $21.89.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is out May 1, 2009 but are these promos egging on the anger or calming the nerves?

Source: XMenFilms

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