More Angry Wolverine Pictures


XMenFilms has three exclusive promo photos, though they look like a photo shoot for Genre magazine. He shows off the claws and the redneck t-shirt, but comes off as unnecessarily upset--maybe he's seen the first cut of the film. Why so angry, Wolvie?

Head over to XMenFilms to see the rest in high-res.

And I still think he looks too tall, Sabretooth can't call him a "little runt" if he's the same height. I guess I have to relive those days when the X-Men: The Animated Series hits DVD release April 28 of this year. If you can't wait that long, iTunes has Season 1 already available at $21.89.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is out May 1, 2009 but are these promos egging on the anger or calming the nerves?

Source: XMenFilms

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