'Angry Birds' Movie Gets a Release Date

The 'Angry Birds' movie is now in development at Sony and aiming for a summer 2016 release.

Angry Birds

The world knew it was coming, and now it seems that the film adaptation of Angry Birds is officially on its way.

The project – based on the phenomenally successful video game series – has been discussed for years and was most recently mentioned as a potential 2016 release. Now we have even more detail on when fans of those furious feathered creatures can expect to see them on the big screen.

Sony Pictures has now acquired the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the Angry Birds film and plans to release it in theaters on July 1, 2016. It marks the first film project for Rovio Entertainment, the developer behind the Angry Birds games. Producers John Cohen (Despicable Me) and David Maisel (Iron Man) will help guide the project.

While film adaptations of video game properties don't have the best history when it comes to quality filmmaking, an Angry Birds film has been inevitable for quite some time. After all, the original 2009 mobile application still remains the most popular paid app of all time, and that brand recognition has only increased in the years since, spawning everything from animated series to numerous book and toy tie-ins.

Angry Birds Merch

The simplicity of the Angry Birds premise – which involves using a slingshot to catapult birds into a den of pigs in an attempt to get their eggs back – may not immediately lend itself to the narrative structure required of a film. However, in the right hands, the film may feature a sensibility similar to something like Chicken Run. Plus, if the muttering minions of the Despicable Me franchise can become so wildly popular with young viewers, certainly the same can be said of the furry characters of Angry Birds.

Essentially, Angry Birds marks the latest effort to translate the simplest of premises into a film franchise to capitalize on its broad appeal. In recent years, everything from last summer's Battleship to Lego has found its way into Hollywood's sights, and the latter project reached out to the team behind Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to find just the right approach to bring the quirky sense of adventure to the Lego film. That being said, the creators of the Angry Birds film will have to tread carefully if they hope to make a fun, entertaining film experience out of the games.


As mentioned above, Angry Birds will fly into theaters on July 1, 2016. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for details on the film as they become available.

Source: Sony

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