'Angry Birds 2' Teaser Promises That Angry is Back

Finnish computer game developer Rovio Entertainment's Angry Birds franchise, independent property, and multi-media merchandising conglomerate is the holy triumvirate of entertainment to contend with in the mainstream video gaming market. The original smart phone application was released on the Apple iOS store in 2009; since then, the series has since garnered wide financial and critical success, spawning eleven direct-sequel tie-ins and three spin-off titles (ranging in genre from puzzle-platformer, to role-playing game, to side-scrolling shooter), in addition to expanding to console and PC formats.

An Angry Birds animated feature film is currently set for theatrical release in 2016, so Rovio Entertainment's multi-media gaming franchise is set to continue its reign of pop-cultural dominance well past the near future. If that wasn't enough, the Finnish developer is currently teasing more mayhem in playable form, too.

A teaser has dropped for the Angry Birds 2 (set to release very soon, at the time of writing this), which will be the first direct sequel to the original 2009 game. The teaser features much of the same ubiquitous bird twittering, pig oinking, and backing score that fans of the series have come to know and expect from the ever popular series. However, according to a report from GSMArena, the new title will only be made available on Apple and Android devices, the Windows Store reportedly not supported.

Angry Birds 2 teaser trailer released

Based on the teaser trailer alone, there is little to say regarding the actual content of the twelfth installment in the featured franchise from Rovio Entertainment. Though given the depth, inventiveness, and range of gameplay in past titles from the Finnish developer, it's unlikely that Angry Birds 2 will be anything as expected or casual as the original title has become.

Presumably, Rovio has something up its sleeve the umpteenth go around, and thus Angry Birds 2 will amount to more than an expansion pack to the first game. Still, the game stands as the twelfth title in a franchise that has become a bit tired and cliched - with any cache that the series may have enjoyed in the past largely superseded by Rovio Entertainment's ego for culturally-pervasive advertising.

Whether or not you'll be downloading the newest featured Angry Birds application to your smart phone this forthcoming week, those little, multi-colored avian critters will be popping up yet again on small screens the world over in the (very) near future.

Angry Birds 2 will be available on Android and iOS starting July 30th, 2015.

Source: Rovio Entertainment

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