Is Angelina Jolie Maleficent?

is angelina jolie maleficent?

Is Angelina Jolie a witch?

Well, if some of the pro-Jennifer Aniston tabloids are to be believed – yes.

However, the wonderfully charitable Oscar-winning actress (and fantastic wife and mother) may well be portraying one on the big screen as her name has now been mentioned in conjunction with Walt Disney Pictures’ Maleficent, which Tim Burton is rumored to direct.

Recently, Linda Woolverton was hired to pen the script which is a “post-modern” take on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, told from the perspective of Maleficent, the villain in Disney’s classic 1959 animated feature.

Post-modern takes on old material are “all the rage” as the kids say today, with Shrek, Wicked and even Disney’s current box office champ Alice in Wonderland adding a new spin to old material.

I have no doubt that Maleficent will make it to the screen – but will Burton and Jolie be attached?


The project seems to be moving at quite a pace on the Disney lot – the kind of pace that attaches talent and gets put into production to capitalize on their interest. Burton is obviously a prime candidate to direct the film, after the huge grosses that Alice has accumulated, you can bet that the head honchos at the Mouse House are begging him to helm the picture.

Meanwhile, Jolie is also a pretty good choice to star in the film. She’s got enough of a “weird and crazy” vibe to pull off being a witch on screen – one that audiences need to empathize with. Jolie hasn’t really done any family friendly films – considering her large brood, and this could be something that she’d be able to show her kids.

The source material for this project also pretty much guarantees huge grosses, something that A-list talent like, in order to secure their huge salary quotes. Throw in the now-obligatory 3D and you’ve got a tent-pole picture that will satisfy children and parents alike (mostly the dads – Jolie in 3D!!).

Add Johnny Depp as a handsome Prince - he’s not attached, but you know deep (depp?) down that he’ll be first choice and you’ve got a Disney film that will add extra value to theme parks and merchandise for years to come. Oh, and he’s also currently shooting The Tourist, alongside Jolie.

This is all up in the air at the moment, with no script yet written, or no talent signed – so take all this with a pinch of Salt.

I’d imagine there will be announcements soon so that Disney stock holders can sleep easy in their beds at night.

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Source: LA Times

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