Angelina Jolie To Get Sex Change

With the cash registers still ringing to the tune of $250 million from Wanted, it looks like Angelina Jolie is hot again - at the box office at least!

It would appear that Mrs Brad Pitt has landed a role that could be a potential action franchise starter.

What's so interesting about that?

She will be replacing Tom Cruise in the upcoming movie project Edwin A. Salt!


Read on and all will be explained...

Tom Cruise had been eying the spy-thriller about a CIA agent who must try and clear his name when he is accused of being a Russian spy, but I guess Cruise thought that it was too close to Mission: Impossible for comfort. So technically, Angelina Jolie isn't replacing Tom Cruise - she's taking a role that was offered to him.

Jack Ryan spy-master Phillip Noyce is still on board to direct, but it looks like Kurt Wimmer's script might need a bit of a rewrite and a title change.

Although it seems strange that the lead character in a film would change sex- it's not unusual (insert Tom Jones joke here).

For example: The Jodie Foster role in Flight Plan was originally written for a man, and the Sean Penn role in The Game was intended for Foster. So Jolie is hardly setting a precedent. However she is expected to net a record paycheck for a female star by signing on to the Sony film.

There's no word on when this film is expected, but I'd imagine it'll be a while yet considering that the script may need a bit of re-tooling.

Source: Variety

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