Angelina Jolie To Play Catwoman?

Even though most of us are still basking in the afterglow (more like after-gloom) of The Dark Knight, it's never too early to start thinking about the next Batman film. Well, apparently we're not the only ones looking ahead.

According to fanboy site Comic Book Movie, actress/world savior/supermom Angelina Jolie is also hoping to become part of Christopher Nolan's Bat-universe, by donning the super-tight tights and fierce claws of Catwoman for the third film in the franchise.

(Just picturing Jolie wearing the cat suit begins to erase the horrible memory of that Halle Berry flick.)

Best of all is the source from which this news has stemmed: former Catwoman Julie Newmar is quoted as telling the New York Daily News:

"Angelina would own the part," said Newmar. "My industry friends tell me [she] has made inquiries about the role,"

Well, it seems as though Newmar is a lot more comfortable passing the torch than Jack Nicholson was. And let's face it, Angelina playing Catwoman would be as sultry, badass, and downright sweat-inducing as any actress could possibly be in the role. Unfortunately, The Daily News article goes on to remind us that in a recent interview, Dark Knight writers David Goyer and John Nolan stated that, as of now, they are reluctant to include Catwoman in the third film. Maybe Angelina can change all that. The woman has been known to sway men in the past.

Catwoman stock pic

I for one think that Catwoman is a logical step for the next film. The Dark Knight left off with Batman being falsely accused of murder, sandwiched between cops and criminals, more alone than ever, with his only love interest having been blown to smithereens. A fella's got to have some kind of relief, and a woman in a skin-hugging cat suit, who also likes a bit of midnight roof hopping, is never a bad place to start.

What do you think, should Angelina Jolie be the next Catwoman?

Source: Comic Book Movie via The New York Daily News

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