Angelina Jolie Is Patricia Cornwell's Dr. Kay Scarpetta

It would appear that like most good movie stars, Angelina Jolie loves a good franchise. Not content with running the Tomb Raider series into the ground at the start of this decade, Jolie is currently shooting the action thriller Salt (with franchise hopes) and waiting to see if she appears in Wanted 2.

Now comes news that Jolie is set to star as Patricia Cornwell's Dr. Kay Scarpetta in a film that could launch another franchise for Mrs Pitt.

Fox 2000 has negotiated the rights to Dr. Kay Scarpetta in the hope that Jolie will star in the film. To date, there have been 16 Scarpetta novels - but the film wont be based on an existing title. Much like how the Bourne movies used Robert Ludlum's titles and characters but jettisoned the plot, Fox hopes to create all new Scarpetta adventures for the big screen.

Jolie and Producers have already met with Patricia Cornwell to discuss the project, which is being pitched as a "suspense thriller in the vein of The Silence of the Lambs and Seven."

Didn't Jolie already make that with The Bone Collector?

The rights to the  CSI-like Scarpetta novels have been kicking around Hollywood for the last fifteen years or so, but the project has never come together. With Jolie involved you can expect that the film will be fast tracked, however, no writer is yet attached.

Mark Gordon, Geyer Kosinski and Bryan Zuriff will produce the film.

More on Angelina's turn as Dr. Kay Scarpetta when we get it.

Source: Variety

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