Angel: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

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It's rare that you find a spin-off series that matches the quality and storytelling ability of its parent show, but Angel is the rare spin-off that, at times, managed to even surpass Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Even though the end of Angel recently passed its 15 year mark, it's a supernatural show that has stood the test of time and will have its fans forever. It may even gain some new ones as well. And although Angel's lifespan was sadly cut short, it was a wonderful show that felt mostly complete. Mostly.

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Angel was given the ax when no one was really expecting it, and despite the fact that the writers managed to throw together one of the most appropriate finales possible (especially given the time constraints) there were still a ton of questions left unanswered. So which storylines that were left tragically unresolved?

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10 Wesley's Dead, But Is He Unemployed?

If you sign a contract with Wolfram & Hart, they take it very seriously. So seriously that your contract doesn't expire until the senior partners decide it does, even if you die. Wesley's death in the series finale was hands down the most heartbreaking moment of the episode, but it's easy to overlook the fact that he (along with the rest of the still-living Team Angel) is still under contract with the evilest law firm ever. Given the sudden rebellion of the entire squad, it seems likely that Wolfram & Hart would take advantage of still having Wes under their control.

9 Was Fred Really Gone?

On a show about vampires it's not that surprising that the lines between life and death tend to get a bit blurry. And in the Buffyverse, it has always been crystal clear that it's your soul that makes you who you really are. So then, Fred's death and the apparent destruction of her soul because of Illyria's resurrection would make it seem that Fred was as gone as gone could be. However, Illyria's behavior as Season 5 progressed would make it seem like that might not be the case. Illyria had Fred's memories, sure, but she also seemed to grow into Fred's feelings and emotions, and we'll always be asking ourselves why.

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8 What Was Connor?

Okay, so Connor was Angel and Darla's son. He was a living child that was miraculously born from two vampires. And he was apparently created with the specific purpose of bringing the hell god formerly known as Jasmine into this dimension. However, what do we even know about Connor beyond that? He appears to have some vampire powers, but their depth was never really explored or explained throughout his time on the show. Buffy and Angel always excelled at their mythology development, and it would have been cool to have more with regards to Connor.

7 Did Gunn Survive?

The last moments of Angel didn't look too good for the Angel Investigations team. Being bum-rushed by a horde of orc-like demons seems like a guaranteed death. But at least Angel, Spike, and Illyria have some supernatural durability. Unfortunately, Gunn started the fight off looking more than a little worse for wear. Gunn's injuries looked severe enough that he could have believably bled to death even if he didn't get slaughtered by Wolfram & Hart's army. But of course, the open ending of the show never provided us any answers one way or another.

6 Was Spike Really Meant For Angel's Destiny?

The idea that Angel would redeem himself and do enough good for the world to become human again, after centuries of suffering as a vampire, was one of the biggest overarching story lines of the entire series. But Season 5 definitely wanted to throw the audience for a loop when they tossed Spike into the mix. Whether the writers planned this for years or they just thought of it on the fly, the twist that the Shanshu prophecy could have just as easily applied to Spike as it could to Angel was brilliant. We only wish we knew the answer for sure.

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5 What's Up With The Slayers?

So the series finale of Buffy ended with Buffy making every Potential into a Slayer. What a power move. However, Angel never really addressed this aside from one standalone episode. Wolfram & Hart is obviously one of the biggest demonic powers in this dimension (and apparently many others) and Team Angel is one of the strongest forces for good in one of the biggest cities in the world. So it's kind of weird that Angel and friends never came across more than one Slayer, and it's even weirder that none of the Slayers ever teamed up with them to fight Wolfram & Hart.

4 Did Buffy And Angel Wind Up Together?

Angel was a character that undeniably grew into his own over the course of Buffy and Angel. Giving him his own show made him into one of the most dynamic and interesting protagonists on TV. But we all know is that Angel started off as Buffy's one true love, a love that seemed doomed to fail no matter how much they truly cared for one another. And at the end of Buffy, Miss Summers made it clear that she thought of Angel as her last love, which was one heck of a teaser to leave Bangel fans with without any conclusion at the end of Angel.

3 What Are The Senior Partners?

We know that the senior partners are some kind of demons, and we know that they wield enormous power in at least two dimensions, but beyond that, they're still a total mystery. The senior partners seem more than happy to have their lackeys doing their dirty work in the earthly dimension, but we also wonder what kind of demons they really are and why they never get down and dirty into the fight themselves. Every demon that we've seen on Buffy and Angel (with the notable exception of Mayor Wilkins) has been one tainted by humanity in some way. It would have been awesome to see what kind of Lovecraftian beasts the senior partners may have been.

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2 Did Angel Become Human?

Although there was always a slight glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, Angel was brilliant at establishing how important it was to fight for what's right even if you're not chasing a reward at the end. But with that said, there was supposed to be a reward at the end, though the series never told us whether or not Angel finally snagged the brass ring of his restored humanity. It's pretty fair to assume that Angel may have become human again in the end, but the show threw a few wrenches in that assumption. These include Spike being a contender for the prophecy and Angel literally signing his potential humanity away to become a part of the Circle of the Black Thorn.

1 What In The World Actually Happened?!

If we're being real, Angel has one of the best series finales of all time. It's really easy to put things into perspective after witnessing the ends of shows like How I Met Your Mother or Game of Thrones, and Angel fans should forever be grateful that the show ended on a high note. Angel was always about the journey and not the ending, so it was incredibly fitting for the series to come to a close just before a fight that Team Angel had no hope of winning. But with all that said, we still wish we knew what actually happened!

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