Angel Has Fallen: 10 Things That Made No Sense

Many credit Angel Has Fallen as the best film in the series, but a lot of things in the movie don't make sense.

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Angel Has Fallen might be a good title for a Christian movie about how Lucifer was banished from heaven for rebelling against Jehovah. However, the angel that's being referred to here is secret service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), the guardian angel tasked with protecting President Trumbull (Morgan Freeman).

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Gerard Butler has become the Michael Bay of actors. Film critics enjoy panning his work. Nothing he does ever seems to win over fans and critics alike. Poor Gerard might even decide to lose 200 pounds to play a mosquito in a movie, but critics would still describe his performance as completely despicable and forgettable. But so long as it keeps making money, the Has Fallen franchise is here to say. By the time he's 90, Gerard will be starring in Grandpa Has Fallen. It'll get a 10% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but who's looking?

Angel Has Fallen has actually been the best installment in the franchise so far. This time, Butler outdid himself and almost looked like Stallone in his prime. However, these ten things in the movie made no sense.

10 President Trumbull's Unrealistic Level Of Trust

President Trumbull in Agenl Has Fallen

In the later stages of the movie, Mike Banning (currently a fugitive) risks getting caught and goes to the hospital where President Trumbull is recuperating. His aim to let his boss know what's truly going on. Banning gets captured, but Trumbull immediately orders for his release because he trusts him.

It's unclear why Trumbull would do that since Banning is currently the main suspect in his assassination attempt. Of course, Banning has been framed, but a man like Trumbull should know not to trust anyone until its clearly proven otherwise. After all, a man that he trusted to be his vice president is conspiring to kill him and overthrow him.

9 Banning Throwing Away His Weapon To Fight Jennings

Jennings (the villain) in Angel Has Fallen Cropped

When Jennings, the main villain, tries to escape via a chopper, Banning blows it up just before he can get to it. Banning has the opportunity to shoot him, but what does he do? He throws his gun down in order to settle this mano a mano. Of course, Jennings, being the more sensible of the two, wants nothing to do with that. He pulls out his gun and tries to shoot Banning. He doesn't succeed, but you can't help but wish he did.

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Why do protagonists in action movies always feel the need to showcase their martial arts or boxing skills? Blame action movies of the 80s and 90s for popularizing this cliche. Just shoot the villain already. Why put the contest back on a 50-50 scale when you already have the upper hand?

8 PTSD Has Fallen?

Agent Banning in Angel Has Fallen

In the opening stages of the movie, Banning has the morale of a tired soldier. He has seen enough action and he's rather tired of it. A part of him just wants to stay home with his wife and daughter. After a visit to a doctor, it is revealed that he is suffering from PTSD. He is also addicted to painkillers due to chronic pain caused by a concussion.

However, after the assassination attempt on Trumbull, Banning suddenly becomes a well-functioning superman. He escapes capture, drives a trailer like he's Jeremy Clarkson in a Ferrari and goes on to take down most of the mercenaries easily. What's going on here? PTSD has fallen too? Trumbull later offers him the position of Director of the Secret Service, which he accepts. Where have the pills disappeared to? A decent plot could have at least allowed him to struggle with his health condition throughout the movie and eventually seek proper medical help.

7 Why Does Banning Still Have a Job?

Agent Banning gets captured while trying to get access to President Trumbull

Banning might be good at 'curing,' but he's definitely not good at 'preventing.' Secret service agents should prevent attacks from happening, not spend each day battling attackers.

During Banning's time as an agent, the White House has been attacked and reduced to rubble in Olympus Has Fallen. The president has also been captured by middle eastern terrorists in London Has Fallen. It looks like someone isn't doing his job properly. How about you intercept threats before they manifest into serious attacks, Mike?

In the real world (back in 2017), Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned after her agents failed to notice an intruder who climbed the White House fence. Now imagine being kept on the job after the White House is destroyed or a president is kidnapped.

6 Banning's Resignation

Agent Banning being convinced not to resign

After the dust has settled, Mike Banning comes clean about his inner demons and apologizes to the president for not letting him know. He then offers his resignation. We know it isn't going to be accepted because presidents in this universe like to be attacked and saved. But that's fine. The issue is how he tenders his resignation.

Banning hands over his badge, yes, his badge, like he's an NYPD officer, and Trumbull is his captain. What? This is the president. A signed resignation in an envelope would have been more decent.  It's important to note that the president doesn't normally appoint and fire agents himself either. He's too busy for that. These kinds of issues are handled by Homeland Security.

5 A Dumb Secret Service Agent

Secret service agents evacuating a hospital in Angel Has Fallen

At the beginning of the movie, multiple drones are sent out to take out POTUS and his entire security detail as he is on a fishing excursion on a lake. When the drones first appear in the sky, one of the agents asks, "Are those bats?"

Bats? Who hired this guy? It wasn't even night time. The movie wasn't Batman either. Shouldn't a secret service be able to immediately label anything unusual as a threat and act accordingly? Of course, the dumb agent was blown to pieces by the 'bats.'

4 Agent Banning Going To See His Dad

Agent Banning with his father Clay Banning in Angel Has Fallen

Why America's most wanted man would find it wise to go visit his father is a mystery. Of all the places a fugitive could go to, he goes too good old daddy and spends a good amount of time there.

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He should have known that everyone that was looking for him would eventually go searching for him at his dad's house in the woods. But Banning doesn't mind putting papa in danger at all. What a good son. Come to think of it; he never minds putting anyone in danger.

3 Banning's Dad Planting Explosives

Clay Banning (Agent Banning's dad) in Angel Has Fallen

It's almost as if Banning's dad was always expecting an army of mercenaries or government agents to invade his compound. Why? He was just a war veteran. No one wanted him dead. He also hadn't seen his son in years, so it's not like he was expecting him to come to hide at his house.

It would make sense for him to just stock some guns and grenades for protection. Rigging his compound with explosives was an over the top security measure. Of course, it helped, but why did he feel the need to do it?

2 Russia Not Giving A Damn

Jennings' right hand man Travis Cole watches the news as the Vice President blames the Russians

The conspirators want the world to believe that Banning was paid by the Russians to assassinate the president. Vice President Martin Kirby even calls a press conference to let Americans know that Russia tried to kill their president. Interestingly, Russia isn't bothered at all. They don't even deny it. They simply adopt a 'do whatever you want to do' policy.

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Would Russia want to go to war for a crime it didn't commit? No chance. Many countries fear the might of the American military. No one would just say "come fight with us if you want."

1 No Aerial Protection For The President

Agent Banning rushing to save the president during the lake attack

When President Trumbull was attacked at the lake, there was seemingly no aerial effort to counter the attack. The drones were also released from a van. An aerial patrol by the secret service could have easily noticed a strange van approaching the area, especially since there were no other vehicles in close proximity.

Sadly, all the secret service agents seemed heavy clueless as the drones destroyed everyone and everything. It's high time the real secret service staged a protest against the Has Fallen franchise for making them look so bad.

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