Movie News Wrap Up: Ang Lee's Boxing Film, 'Kindergarten Heroes' & More

Ang Lee Boxing Film Writer Peter Morgan

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Mark Millar's Kindergarten Heroes gets a writer; Disney plans a fairy tale comedy with Reese Witherspoon; Ang Lee's untitled boxing film gets a writer; Harry Potter director David Yates lines up a comic book adaptation; and Danny Boyle plans to direct another heist film.


Carter Blanchard has been hired to script an adaptation of Curtis Tiegs and Mark Millar's comic book series Kindergarten Heroes.

Kindergarten Heroes Adaptation Writer

Unlike Millar's more popular works, like Kick-Ass and Wanted, Kindergarten Heroes, as the name suggests, appeals to a slightly younger demographic. In other words, there will be decidedly less violence and profanity than previous Millar adaptations.

The Kindergarten Heroes comic follows a group of super-powered young kids who solve their own "crimes" while their parents are busy saving the world. Many bill the comic as Rugrats with super powers.

As far as Blanchard's resume goes, it's fairly sparse. He is, however, scripting several upcoming projects, including a film adaptation of the video game Spy Hunter.

Source: Deadline


Disney has said yes to the pitch for Happily Ever After, a unique twist on the fairy-tale genre from Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 creator Nahnatchka Khan.

Reese Witherspoon Happily Ever After PItch

Happily Ever After will reportedly star Reese Witherspoon as a princess who discovers that life with her prince isn't all singing and dancing after their storybook tale has ended. Think Enchanted, but with a romantic comedy slant.

Since the project has only just been pitched, there is no word on potential co-stars for Witherspoon or a director. Regardless, Disney is betting big on these live-action fairy tale features, with several – including Maleficent and Cinderella – in various stages of production.

Source: THR


Peter Morgan has signed on to script Ang Lee's upcoming boxing film, which we now know will follow the historic rivalry between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

Ang Lee Boxing Film Writer Peter Morgan

Morgan is a two-time Oscar nominee and most recently scripted the racing film Rush for Ron Howard. More importantly, Morgan is well versed when it comes to dramatizing true stories. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Morgan spoke about Lee's approach to the project saying that the director wants to use 3D technology and real fight footage to make audiences feel as if they are in the ring.

After winning his second Oscar for Life of Pi it appears that - at least based on Morgan's description - Ang Lee isn't willing to rest on his laurels, but intends to push the limits of 3D filmmaking yet again. This boxing film not only sounds ambitious, but has the potential to wow audiences.

Source: Daily Mail


Fox has acquired the rights to the comic book Who is Jake Ellis? and has brought David Yates (Harry Potter) on to direct.

Who is Jake Ellis Direct David Yates

The comic book follows a mercenary/spy named Jon Moore who consults with the mysterious Jake Ellis for his expertise in espionage. However, what makes the story unique is that only Moore appears to be able to see Ellis. The comic also spawned a sequel: Where is Jake Ellis?

With film rights in hand and Yates on board, Fox is now shopping the project to potential writers.

Source: THR


127 Hours director Danny Boyle has signed on to direct a fictional adaptation of the documentary Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers for Fox Searchlight and Pathe.

Danny Boyle Smash and Grab Heist Adaptation

Although Boyle was rumored for several projects over the past months, including American Sniper, it appears he is looking to follow up his heist film Trance with yet another heist film. Granted, Trance was a more complex affair while Smash and Grab will presumably be more straight forward, it's still a bit strange that he would select a project with so many similarities to his previous one.

The documentary was in theaters this past summer and tells the true story of a group of international diamond thieves. The film features surveillance footage of the heists as well as interviews with some of the thieves.

At this point, it's unclear how Boyle plans to adapt the documentary for narrative filmmaking – whether he plans to focus on a specific heist or the entire group's story - and who might script said adaptation.

Source: Variety

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