Andy Samberg to star in BBC Three's 'Cuckoo'

Andy Samberg ('That's My Boy') will star in a new BBC Three television series entitled 'Cuckoo'. Samberg will play the show's title character, and it will co-star Welsh comedian Greg Davies ('The Inbetweeners').

Life after Saturday Night Live has been very good to some. Make a name for yourself on the long-running sketch comedy show and the sky can become the limit. From Eddie Murphy to Chris Rock to Will Ferrell (Anchorman 2), SNL has brought us some of the great comedic minds in recent history.

Andy Samberg, a recent SNL graduate, is the latest funnyman to find success through the popular TV series. In a summer that will already feature a co-starring role in the forthcoming That's My Boy (June 15) with fellow SNL alum Adam Sandler (watch the trailer), comes news that Samberg's post SNL career will now include a TV series with the U.K.-based BBC Three.

According to THR, Samberg will begin production this summer on the network's latest television series entitled Cuckoo. Samberg will play Cuckoo and it will co-star Welsh comedian Greg Davies (The Inbetweeners). Cuckoo was created and written by Robin French and Kieron Quirke.

BBC Three described Samberg's Cuckoo character as a "slacker full of outlandish, New Age ideas". The network - which usually targets the 16-34 year old demographic - detailed the basis of Cuckoo's storyline by saying:

"When Ken (Greg Davies) and Lorna (Helen Baxendale) collect their daughter (Tamla Kari) from the airport, they're horrified to learn that she's returned from her gap year with more than just a henna tattoo and braids in her hair. At the arrival gate, she promptly introduces them to her new husband, Cuckoo - the squared-jawed, self-appointed spiritual ninja who is now their son-in-law."

Along with Cuckoo, Samberg will also keep busy this year, and next, with the releases of Hotel Transylvania, The To Do List (2013 release), and the sequel to Grown Ups (also a 2013 release), which will once again reunite him with Sandler, along with other SNL alumni like Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider.

Hotel Transylvania

Who will be the next cast member of Saturday Night Live to find super-stardom? That is a question we will have to wait and see before we find out the answer - but for now, it's Andy Samberg's time.

Cuckoo will air later this year on BBC Three.

Source: THR

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