Andy Muschietti to Direct Time Machine Reimagining

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Director Andy Muschietti is attached to direct H. G. Wells' classic science-fiction novel The Time Machine. Having also recently signed on to direct an adaptation of the popular manga series Attack On Titan, Muschietti is crafting a uniquely genre-heavy filmography following the success of his record-breaking adaptation of Stephen King's IT.

Based on the novel of the same name, The Time Machine centers around a scientist who invents a device capable of carrying him backward and forward in time. Using his invention, the scientist travels forward to a distant post-apocalyptic future where humanity has evolved into two distinct species: the timid above-ground dwelling Eloi and the carnivorous cave-dwelling Morlocks. There, he must contend with the consequences of his actions and attempt to survive. The Time Machine has been adapted a number of times, notably into the film directed by George Pal in 1960. Now, Andy Muschietti will tackle the novel himself - only, instead of staying true to the source material, his vision will be a creative reimagining.

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According to DeadlineMuschietti's adaptation of The Time Machine will take some creative liberties with Wells' novel, though the director has yet to reveal any specific details regarding his vision. As of now, the only concrete details surrounding the adaptation involve Leonardo DiCaprio's involvement as producer with his company Appian Way, along with Jennifer Davisson, as well as the fact that Muschietti co-wrote the script treatment with his sister Barbara, who also co-produced IT and the upcoming IT: Chapter Two

After his work on IT: Chapter Two, Muschietti has his eyes set on destructive visions of the future. Aside from his attachment to The Time Machine and Attack on Titan, he's also circling a live-action adaptation of the animated series Robotech. However, his official involvement with the movie has yet to be confirmed.

At first glance, The Time Machine appears to be a bit of a departure for Muschietti, given his background in horror, but his filmography may actually lend itself as a natural fit for this project. Given some of the novel's scarier elements, as well as the fact that Muschietti's goal of reimagining the source material opens the door for a plethora of twisted interpretations, The Time Machine could potentially be a perfect fit for him. Between a haunting view of the future of the human race and creatures as disturbing as the Morlocks, Muschietti has plenty to work with when it comes to horror-related ingredients plucked straight out of Wells' novel.

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Source: Deadline

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