Andy Cohen Explains How A Vanderpump/Richards Resolution Could Happen

Andy Cohen is holding out hope that a resolution between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards is possible - and here's how he thinks it'll happen.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills creator Andy Cohen explained how he thinks a resolution between co-stars Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards could happen. He's still holding out hope, while a lot of fans think their friendship is over for good.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know by now that Vanderpump has officially left the show following "puppygate," an incident surrounding a rescue dog from Vanderpump's dog shelter. While the drama was between her and cast member Dorit Kemsley, it ended up dividing the whole group and putting a wedge between her and her co-star and longtime best friend Richards. Vanderpump announced she was quitting the series (after starring on it for nine years) shortly before the reunion special filmed, saying it was because she didn't want to reconcile with the women who had "bullied" her this season. While Richards denies ever bullying Vanderpump, the two still haven't been able to bury the hatchet and move on.

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Now, Cohen is speaking out about their feud, and how he thinks their saga isn't over yet. On a recent episode of Cohen's late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, he revealed what it would take for a reconciliation between Vanderpump and Richards. At first, the host asked the audience if they thought there was a chance the two would be friends again, which a majority of them didn't. Cohen looked disappointed and said, "I think there is." His guest that evening, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie Denise Richards, agreed with him, saying "there's always hope." 

Cohen said the solution to their feud was simple: just sit down one-on-one and hash it out. That's why, he explained, he really wanted Vanderpump to be present at the reunion show, so the women could talk about their issues. Although when they tried to do that on the show, it ended with a screaming match between them and Richards being forcibly thrown out of Vanderpump's home by her husband Ken. As he gave her the boot, he famously shouted, "Goodbye, Kyle," which has since become a running joke among The Real Housewives fans. Despite how badly that interaction went, Cohen has hope that their next in-person meeting will go better. However, neither of the women has said they'll be getting together any time soon.

Since Season 9 recently wrapped, it will be a while before The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans get to see if Richards and Vanderpump make amends. After being friends for more than a decade, it's hard to imagine the two of them not appearing on the show together. But with newcomers like Denise and the rest of the eccentric cast (including "friend" of the show Camille Grammer), there will still be plenty of entertainment (read: drama) without Vanderpump there.

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