Andrew Garfield Says He 'Struggled' With Spider-Man Role

The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield opens up about his struggles playing Peter Parker in the much maligned Sony superhero films.

Andrew Garfield Struggled Playing Spider-Man

Even despite all of the many, many warranted complaints and valid issues fans have raised against Sony's failed Amazing Spider-Man films, it seemed to be generally agreed upon that one of the series' only saving graces were the performances of its lead actors, Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. At the time, Garfield received critical acclaim for his performance as the beloved wall-crawler, but now that Tom Holland is playing the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems like it's not only the fans who are happy to see the character in the hands of different creative executives and filmmakers.

Even just recently, Garfield opened up about his difficult time playing the character, and working within a corporate, studio system. Considering the biggest flaws in both of his Spider-Man films fairly clearly arose from studio intervention, his comments just seemed to validate what many fans and critics had been saying about The Amazing Spider-Man franchise from the very beginning.

While recently speaking with The Wrap about his experience making the films, the actor talked about how relieved he was, in a way, to step out of the superhero costume and back into more traditional dramas for a change, after being soured by the films' corporate-centric creation:

"[It brought] a different set of values and a different hierarchy of priorities. And we all know what those are. I struggled with that. I wasn’t having the total experience that I remembered having.”

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Indeed, it seems like Garfield feels more comfortable returning to the kind of dramatic, awards-worthy films with which he first made a name for himself than he ever was being the lead star in a superhero universe. Judging by the reactions to both of his films this year also - Mel Gibson's war epic, Hacksaw Ridgeand Martin Scorsese's brutal Silence - it seems fair to say that his decision to transition between the two genres is already paying off in spades for the actor.

To his credit, while he hasn't been shy about expressing his relief in moving away from the Spider-Man franchise, Garfield has been quick to heap praise on Holland for his performance as the character in Captain America: Civil War in the months following its release this year. Similarly, he's been eager in expressing his excitement for next year's Spider-Man: Homecoming, which sees Holland reprising the role of Peter Parker in his own standalone film for the first time. So while the initial transition from The Amazing Spider-Man 3 falling apart to now having Spider-Man: Homecoming on the horizon may have appeared to be rough on everyone involved in the failed franchise, Garfield seems like he's recovered from the struggles he faced as the character with grace and ease - just in time for this year's awards season too.

Source: TheWrap

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