Andre 3000 to Begin Shooting Jimi Hendrix Biopic in 3 Weeks

[UPDATE: There is much drama surrounding this Jimi Hendrix biopic. Click HERE to learn why the film WON'T use Hendrix's music.]

If you've ever witnessed a Outkast concert, seen a music video, or watched a movie featuring Andre 3000 then you are well aware that he would soon be bringing his charismatic persona to a leading role eventually.  The only question was when.

Now, we have our answer.

According to IFTN, production on All Is By My Side, the Jimi Hendrix biopic, is set to begin in three weeks time - and playing the role of the legendary rock icon will be none other than Mr. 3000 himself. Pre-production for the John Ridley (Three Kings, U-Turn) directed film has already begun and shooting for the film will reportedly take place in Dublin as well as Wicklow county - and should last for about six weeks.

Andre 3000, whose real name is Andre Benjamin, is no newcomer to the acting ranks - his filmography includes roles in Idlewild, in which he co-starred starred with Big Boi (the other half of the legendary hip hop group Outkast), as well as Semi-Pro, which starred funnyman Will Ferrell. With hits such as "Bombs Over Baghdad," "Ms. Jackson," and "Hey Ya" under his belt, Benjamin has seemingly been slowly branching away from the group he helped create - and has been inching his way into a one man act in both the music and film industry.

Jimi Hendrix All is by My Side

Reports suggest that the film's setting will take place between 1966 and 1967 and will focus on the time Hendrix was first discovered at a New York City club by the girlfriend of Rolling Stones guitarist Linda Keith. After experiencing international success and becoming what many today believe was the greatest guitarist in rock history, Jimi Hendrix passed away in a drug induced, controversial death on September 18, 1970.

Benjamin seems poised and ready to take on such a huge role. He has dominated the music charts during his career, now he takes aim at box office charts. From an Outkast to a movie star - Jimi Hendrix would be proud. I'm sorry Ms. Jackson but Benjamin is the real deal.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more about All Is By My Side.

Source: IFTN (via Rolling Stone)

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