Young Wonder Woman Actress Joins Anastasia: Once Upon a Time

The latest word has Wonder Woman child actor Emily Carey - who portrayed a young Diana Prince in the first act of the latest DCEU feature -  has been cast in the forthcoming family film Anastasia: Once Upon a Time. Based in part on the historical figure of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia - the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, who was the last sovereign of Imperial Russia - the new movie will further play upon the infamous urban legend that continually reimagines a history in which Anastasia Romanov evaded her family's infamous execution.

To date, the story of Anastasia Romanov has been told countless times over by the powers that be in Hollywood - most notably in the form of the eponymously titled 1956 historical drama starring Ingrid Bergman and the 1997 animated feature distributed by 20th Century Fox. Thus far, most versions of Anastasia's story have seen fit to add fantasy and romance to a chapter of Russian history that is far more brutal than Hollywood would have you imagine, and the latest theatrical effort in the form of Anastasia: Once Upon a Time is primed to offer a version of the same that the whole family can enjoy starring the young Wonder Woman child actor Emily Carey.

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According to Variety, Carey has been cast in the lead role in Anastasia: Once Upon a Time in a feature length production slated to star Carey as a young Anastasia Romanov. After escaping execution at the hands of Vladimir Lenin in 1912 Russia, the new movie will see a young Anastasia escape through a portal to the year 1988, where she will soon be befriended by another young American girl.

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Co-produced by Armando Gutierrez, Eli Lipnik, Peter Lees, and Bret Jones, Anastasia: Once Upon A Time will be written and directed by Blake Harris. Based on an original concept developed by Gutierrez and Harris, the new movie is sure to further mine the source material to new narrative ends for a whole new audience of viewers who may very well be coming to the story with fresh eyes.

Considering the fact that it has been 10 years since 20th Century Fox last had a hand in bringing the story of Anastasia Romanov to life as an animated movie musical - a film, moreover, that additionally went on to earn $139 million on a $50 million budget -  the chances of Gutierrez and Harris drumming up support for Anastasia: Once Upon a Time are statistically in their favor. Only time will tell whether or not the movie will live up to its storied name and historical legacy, but with any luck Carey will portray the lead role with the same tact and grace that she previously displayed as a young Diana Prince in Wonder Woman.

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Source: Variety

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