Analysis: Battlestar Galactica On NBC

At this point I consider this pure speculation and rumour, but according to Battlestar Galactica News it's all but a done deal that BSG will be moving over to NBC from the SciFi channel. They also state that it may take over the time slot of Studio 60.

I haven't seen any news of this on "legit" TV/entertainment industry sites and the writer of the original post does not cite a source.

If this does in fact turn out to be true, then I think the series is doomed for a couple of reasons...

First, to be considered profitable on a major network (non-cable) a TV show has to bring in a TON more viewers and revenue than the same show on a cable network. A recent example or comparison would be Star Trek: Enterprise vs. Stargate SG-1. When Enterprise was cancelled it was pulling in approximately the same number of viewers as SG-1, yet the plug was pulled because it wasn't profitable. Hardcore Sci Fi shows will always have a much smaller audience than a typical network show, so it's likely that even if the show holds on to it's current viewership, the show would end up being cancelled.

Second, moving a show like BSG to one of the big three networks will almost inevitably result in a dilution of quality. I seriously doubt that the writers/producers would have as much free reign on NBC as they do on SciFi. Somehow network execs will get their fingers in the pie and will screw things up either directly or indirectly by insisting someone from the network be involved in production at a high level.

So for now I'm not going to get bent out of shape, but if this does come to pass, enjoy Battlestar Galactica while it's still excellent.

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