SR Pick [Video]: Little Anakin Skywalker, 10 Years Later...

While surfing the always-growing expanse of the Interweb during Comic-Con weekend, we stumbled upon this video of (now 20-years-old) Jake Lloyd who played "Anny" Skywalker from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

It seems that Hollywood has created yet another child actor that in general, has benefited from being a "child actor" but still clearly has issues. Check out what I mean:


Even though we've seen the conclusion of the  Star Wars series, many still criticize George Lucas' handling of the prequels. Is it fair for people to heap on ANY of the responsibility of the "failure" of Episode I onto Jake Lloyd's shoulders? Isn't it Lucas who should be shouldering the blame, not some poor kid he picked out of the blue to play one of the most poorly-written roles in Star Wars history?

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Source: Yahoo

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