Amy Schumer's New Comedy May Land 'Warm Bodies' Director Jonathan Levine

Amy Schumer comedy lands Jonathan Levine as director

Everybody loves Amy! Amy Schumer is having her moment; with three series into her raucous Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, a kinky magazine cover shoot with a certain Star Wars droid, and a triumphant starring and writing credit for Trainwreck under her belt, the ballsy comedienne is taking on the world (and the world better love it).

Schumer's latest movie project (which is currently without a title) may have found a noteworthy director, too: namely, Warm Bodies helmsman Jonathan Levine.

Deadline is reporting that Levine is in talks to direct Schumer's new comedy, which is being produced by Paul Feig (director of Spy and the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot) for 20th Century Fox. The project will take place in Brazil and feature Schumer as the daughter half of a mother-daughter pair, who find themselves the victims of a kidnapping situation during a family vacation.

Following the break out success of Schumer's semi-autobiographical movie Trainwreckwhich grossed $111.8 million at the box office this summer, any project involving the vivaciously filthy comedienne is a hot ticket right now. Schumer worked with her sister Kim Caramele on this new comedy, to adapt a script originally written by Katie Dippold (who wrote The Heat and co-wrote Feig's Ghostbusters). The story is said to be loosely based on Dippold's relationship with her own mother.

The AV Club is reporting that such folk as Meryl Streep, Sally Field and Francis Conroy are being eyed to play Schumer's mother in this new movie. Of course, whoever lands the role will need good comedy chemistry with the ebullient spark plug that is Schumer and her fast growing brand of brash and brassy humor. A seasoned actress with the skill to provide genuine laughs and bring authenticity to the part would be an astute and welcome move.

Amy Schumer and Brie Larson in Trainwreck
Amy Schumer and Brie Larson as sisters in 'Trainwreck'

Levine is known for his 2013 zombie rom-com Warm Bodies, as well as the cancer comedy/drama 50/50 released in 2011. The director will be reuniting with 50/50 stars Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen later this year with The Night Before: a raunchy winter holiday movie (due for release during the 2015 Thanksgiving frame).

If Levine agrees to direct Schumer's new comedy, then the next hurdle for this project will be to cast the key role of Schumer's mother. The particular details of these characters personality types and relationship dynamic have not yet been publicly revealed. The standard model for this type of story line would no doubt involve a damaged and idiosyncratic relationship between opposites, with a dose of festering resentment that can only be resolved through comical peril. But this is a movie co-captained by Paul Feig and Amy Schumer, both known for flipping stereotypes whilst staying true to the heart of their subject matter. For now, speculation will have to suffice.

For his part, Levin has long shown a knack for being able to blend broad laughs with more poignant (and, thankfully, non-saccharine) drama, which is why he's recently been in the running for such high-profile projects as Marvel Studios' Spider-Man reboot. He should be a good match for Schumer's brand of big screen comedy entertainment, assuming he closes his deal to direct her new starring vehicle.

We'll let you know when Amy Schumer's Untitled Comedy gets both an official title and release date.

Source: Deadline, The AV Club

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