Amy Poehler to Make Directorial Debut With Netflix's Wine Country

Amy Poehler is making her feature length film directing debut with the Netflix ensemble comedy Wine Country, co-starring Tina Fey.

Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler will make her feature film directorial debut on the Netflix ensemble comedy Wine Country. The Parks and Rec actress also stars in the film, together with several of her famous acting friends, including BFF Tina Fey. Poehler also serves as producer for the movie written by Parks and Rec scribe Emily Spivey and SNL writer Liz Cackowski.

Poehler began her prolific career with the Upright Citizens Brigade troupe, who in 1998 scored their own Comedy Central show. She then moved to SNL for a decade-long run, highlighted by her stint co-hosting Weekend Update with Tina Fey. Having established themselves as a comedy team, Fey and Poehler would go on to co-star in the comedy movies Baby Mama and Sisters, while also serving as three-time co-hosts of the Golden Globes. While Fey starred on her NBC sitcom 30 Rock, Poehler headed up her own classic series Parks and Rec.

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As reported by THR, Poehler will now take on the role of feature film director, helming the comedy Wine Country for Netflix. As you would expect, Poehler has recruited a whole bunch of her prior collaborators to fill out the cast. Fey will naturally appear. So too will fellow former SNL-ers Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Maya Rudolph, and Emily Spivey. Netflix tweeted out the following teaser introducing the whole gang:

It's happening—Amy Poehler's directorial debut, Wine Country, is coming soon to Netflix! Starring Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Maya Rudolph, Emily Spivey and featuring Tina Fey. Get excited. Get real excited.

— Netflix US (@netflix) March 20, 2018

Wine Country centers on a group of old friends celebrating a 50th birthday during a weekend trip to Napa. The movie will go before cameras in Los Angeles and Napa starting in March. Poehler's prior directing credits include an episode of Broad City and three episodes of Parks and Rec. She also helmed the pilot for her never picked up NBC series Dumb Prince. As an actress, Poehler was seen in last year's comedy dud The House co-starring Will Ferrell. She also starred in the Netflix revival series Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.

Without question, Poehler has been a major force in comedy over the last fifteen years, either with Fey or without. Poehler's work as the eternally upbeat Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec alone earns her a place in the comedy Hall of Fame. With Wine Country, she's assembled a solid comedic ensemble for a movie that sounds perfect for all those 40-somethings who enjoy a little Netflix and chill time, perhaps with a few sips of wine. Maybe one day Poehler and her crew will team with Adam Sandler and his gang for the ultimate Netflix comedy movie cross-over.

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Netflix has yet to reveal a premiere date for Wine Country.

Source: THR

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