Amy Pascal Says Venom, Silver Sable & Black Cat Are Not in the MCU

Black Cat and Venom and Spider-Man

Amy Pascal has confirmed that Silver & Black and Venom will not exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Marvel and Sony originally announced that they would be partnering to bring the Peter Parker/Spider-Man character into the MCU for the first time, many fans assumed that also meant the end of Sony's many planned Spider-Man spin-off films, which at the time had included an all-female spin-off, a Venom spin-off movie, and even rumors of a solo movie centered entirely around the Aunt May character. But as many fans have learned over the past few months, those assumptions have been proven wrong.

Instead, Sony is wasting little time before heading full force into development/production on multiple new spin-off films, all using iconic and obscure characters from the Spider-Man comic book lore. The first will be the Tom Hardy-led Venom film, before Gina Prince-Bythewood's Silver Sable and Black Center spin-off film, Silver & Black, is then released. And naturally, many fans then started to wonder if Venom and Silver & Black would be taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe also, or if they would, indeed, be entirely separate.

After sending comic book fans around the world into confusion last week as well, when she commented that the films would be "adjunct" to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Amy Pascal has reportedly clarified her comments about which universe the spin-off films will take place in. While recently speaking with Fandango's Erik Davis, Pascal confirmed once and for all that Venom and Silver & Black will be based out of the Marvel Comics Universe, not the MCU:

Pascal said she was itching to clarify that after the story this week. Those other movies will not take place in the MCU

— ErikDavis (@ErikDavis) June 25, 2017

This comes after basically a week of responses from both Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, and Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, regarding the initial confusion. This news even comes directly following Kevin Feige's comments yesterday, when he confirmed that the only Sony franchise that also exists in the MCU (for now) are the Spider-Man films. Pascal's comments today just act as the final nail in the coffin, for what has turned out to be a week of steady speculation regarding the potential for a Venom or Silver & Black crossover with Spider-Man.

Now, there's still room for discussion about whether or not Venom and Silver & Black will be able to fully work without existing in the same universe as Holland's Peter Parker, since there is the potential that their existence could hurt the MCU and cause major confusion amongst general moviegoers. But to Sony's credit, the talent attached to both films have turned out to be extremely comforting for fans of those other characters. So now, the only real question, is if Sony will actually be able to pull off have two very different Spider-Man-based cinematic universes going at the same time. After all, most studios have proven themselves unable to create one functioning shared universe on the big screen, let alone multiple.

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