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Amy Jo Johnson in Power Rangers

In 1993, a new children's program premiered on Fox Kids. It was called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and it was pretty unique. Incorporating stock footage from a Japanese show called Kyōryū Sentai Jūrenjā with new live action and dubbing, it told the story of five very different teenagers from the city of Angel Grove who became super heroes. When the world was threatened by an alien sorceress named Rita Repulsa, the five teenagers were given the ability to become the Power Rangers and fight her. Over the years the show went through a number of name and cast changes, but the concept was always the same. A diverse group of rangers who protected the world from evil.

The original Pink Ranger - Kimberly Hart - was played by actress Amy Jo Johnson. She played the role for three years, and in two feature-length movies as well. Johnson's had quite a big of success since she left Power Rangers. She's had leading roles on the series Felicity, The Division, and Flashpoint. Also a singer and songwriter, she's released three albums. And recently she wrote and directed her first feature film - The Space Between - which she also stars in and is scheduled to be released in Canada later this year.

To celebrate the upcoming Power Rangers movie, Amy Jo Johnson decided to surprise some of the new cast members, a surprise she has shared with fans on her YouTube page. During a press junket in Toronto, she joined the fun by coming in as a reporter for The Daily Hive. Three of the Power Rangers actors got a huge shock as they recognized the next reporter to walk into the room as the original Pink Ranger. After hugs, Johnson sat down with the new Red Ranger Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Black Ranger Zack (Ludi Lin), and Pink Ranger Kimberly (Naomi Scott) and the interview began.

Amy Jo Johnson in Power Rangers

The three younger actors were clearly excited to have an original Ranger with them, and it took a minute for them to stop gushing. Once they did, Johnson spoke about the impact that the show had on children, and asked if they thought the movie would have the same impact. Lin handled the question, talking about some of his fan interactions with both children, and the fans of the original series who are now 25 years older than they were when the show aired. He mentioned hoping that the movie would please the older fans and bring in new fans as well. Scott added that the theme of the movie is the same as the show, bridging differences and working together.

They also discussed one of the major differences between the show and the movie. Originally, the Power Rangers didn't have powers when they were just going about their day. They were athletic and knew martial arts and gymnastics, but they only had enhanced abilities when they morphed. In the film, they have super powers in every day life as well as when they are being the Power Rangers.

After the interview was completed, they took a group photo together, with both Pink Rangers side by side. It was clearly a touching few minutes for them all, and a lovely way for Johnson to pass the baton to the next generation.

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