Amy Duggar Explains the Significance of Her Baby's Name, Dax

19 Kids and Counting star Amy Duggar and Dillon King explain the significance behind the name of their baby, Daxton Ryan, who's due very soon.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King

19 Kids and Counting and Counting On star Amy Duggar and husband Dillon King's baby already has a name picked out, and the-mom-to-be explained the significance behind the name. The couple will be welcoming baby Daxton Ryan King in the next two months.

Amy Duggar, the niece of 19 Kids and Counting's patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, was often spotted on the show with all of her cousins. The vivacious cousin was often seen in the background of the show. She married Dillon King back in 2015 and on Easter of this year Amy and Dillon announced that they are expecting their first baby. Amy has always been a bit of a wild one and has strayed a bit from the strict rules normally associated with the Duggar family - breaking dress code being a standout offense. She recently told fans that she'd be open to raising her son gender-fluid, which came to a shock to a lot of fans. The 32-year-old mom-to-be only has a few more months of pregnancy left and has already picked out a name.

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Amy and her husband Dillon announced the name of their baby boy in an Instagram post while on a beach trip in Florida, when they wrote "Daxton Ryan" in the sand, captioning the picture, "Baby Dax we cannot wait to meet you!" The 19 Kids and Counting star recently opened up to Us about the significance behind the baby name. She talked about how she picked the first name, saying, "All the guys in my family are D names, so we landed on Daxton and took it down to Dax." Then she went on to explain how they decided on Dax's middle name, she said, "Ryan is an Irish name that means little King, so we thought that was perfect." Check out the Instagram post below:

The 7-month-pregnant reality star talked about how she is "still traveling and doing stuff" in the third trimester. She is talking now about how she's getting to the phase of the pregnancy where she "wants to be nesting and setting up everything at home." She talked about how she has been decorating and preparing the nursery for Dax's arrival, saying that she didn't want the average baby colors and spoke of the color scheme of the nursery, saying, "It’s black and white modern with wood." She explained why she chose the more modern color scheme for Dax's nursery, saying, "His name is Dax Ryan, so he’s going to come out in aviator sunglasses. We’re ready for a cool, stylish son." She also spoke about how many children they're planning on having in their family, deciding on a much smaller number than Amy's cousins, and only wanting between two or three.

Now that Amy and Dillon are approaching their fall due date, they are preparing every detail before his arrival, even down to the name. As most women in the Duggar family choose baby names that are usually biblical, it's no wonder wild child Amy went outside of the box when choosing her own baby's name. There will be plenty of other Counting On babies being born to the ever-growing Duggar family this year, and Dax Ryan will be sure to have plenty next-generation Duggar cousins to play with.

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Source: Us, Amy King

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