'Amped' Comic TV Show Coming From 'Supernatural' Creator

Amped Comic TV Show USA

As comic book TV shows based on larger properties like Supergirl, Daredevil, A.K.A. Jessica Jones, and more, fans can also look forward to some more obscure programs coming to their small screens within the next few years: Krypton, Titansand the recently announced Lazarus TV series to name a few. With the way things are going, the cultural TV touchstones of an entire generation may soon be superheroes and other comic characters (a positive or negative, depending on your point of view).

However, after shows like Arrow and The Flash - and if the reviews are correct, Daredevil - have shown the ability to bring in non-comic book readers, it seems that the strangest comic book adaptations have better odds of appearing in living rooms, not movie theaters. And today, another can be added to that list.


USA Network has announced that they are currently working with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke on a TV show adaptation of his upcoming Vertigo Comics series, Amped. The network also released the first official synopsis for the series - check it out below:

"When a neurotic family man buys an online “smart pill” to increase his focus and jolt him out of his slump, he gets much more than he bargained for. To his surprise, the pill gives him incredible strength and power. The project examines both the mighty highs and humiliating lows of being a real-life super hero."

The comic is set to debut later this year with Kripke writing the six-issue run and John Higgins ("Hellblazer") illustrating. Brian Bolland ("Batman: The Killing Joke") will be handling the covers.


Eric Kripke is no rookie to long-form television. Despite the cancellation of his NBC series Revolution last year, Supernatural is currently on its tenth season and going strong, having garnered one of the most dedicated fan bases of any show of the past decade. While the comic has yet to be released, the talent involved certainly indicates it's one to look for at your local comic book store.

Going by Kripke's own enthusiasm for the project - expressed to Variety - fans of his original run on Supernatural may be in for a treat:

"Pretty much everything I’ve ever written has been insanely influenced by Vertigo, so it’s a dream come true to write my first comic there. 'Amped' is a project I’m foaming-at-the-mouth passionate about — and it’s also the most personal, warts-and-all story I’ve ever told. So I’m having the time of my life writing the comic — and basing the TV series off the comic, too. I can’t wait for readers to read it– and then down the road, for watchers to watch it."


This will be USA's first venture into the comic book genre, meaning as risky as its first step may be, Amped might just be the kind of series to help the network start earning the praise recently handed to the likes of AMC or SyFy. Not much is known about the series other than the talent and synopsis, but there will be plenty of Kripke fans hoping to see it become a winning addition to the ever-growing list of comic book TV programming.

Amped is currently in development at USA.

Source: Variety

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