America's Next Top Model: 10 Most Binge-Worthy Cycles, Ranked

As much as we kind of hate to admit it, reality TV tends to be everyone's guilty pleasure. And the network's know it because there is plenty of choice for those who want to take a dive into the sort of real, sort of fake world of reality shows. From The Real Housewives of anything to cooking shows, and celebrity lives, there really is something for everyone.

A great example of a series that hooked fans all around the world is America's Next Top Model. The show got so popular that the original format, supermodel Tyra Banks' brainchild, lasted for 22 cycles. With every episode, we got to experience the cut-throat competition that models go through in the fashion world, crazy photoshoots, harsh critiques, and a whole lot of drama.

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Each cycle has its own merits, but some are definitely more exciting to watch than others. And when it comes to reality TV, it isn't necessarily about the quality of the contestants, but more about the entertainment factor. With this in mind, it's time to rank the 10 most binge-worthy cycles of America's Next Top Model.

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10 cycle 20 - Switch It Up

Say what you will about the introduction of boys into the competition, it made for some quality reality television. As time went by, the competition really did start being less about becoming a successful, serious high-fashion model, and a lot more about becoming a reality star, who just happened to model. All of this, of course, backed by social media.

cycle 20 brought us some incredibly entertaining characters, including an ice-cream truck guy scouted by Tyra herself, a contestant with a girlfriend that got hot and bothered with one of the girls (plus a very questionable weave), and just a handful of fun moments in general. Definitely worth bingeing!

9 cycle 8 - Breakdowns & Call Outs

This cycle is a handful. It lands on this list due to the fact that you'll most definitely not be bored while watching it! The looks alone are enough to make us laugh, considering all the models look like they just got out of a time machine that went back to the late 90searly 00s, and the photoshoots? Holy moly, Tyra was sure feeling creative in this cycle.

In addition to all of this, cycle 8 also blessed us with some unforgettable characters. We had Natasha, the mail Russian bride (yes, you read that right) who was often having some alone time with her husband on the phone. The girl was actually a great model, and she had the best comeback in the history of ANTM to Brittany, the annoying brat that lost it when she was late on the go-see challenge. "I just want to tell you that some people have war in their countries" - golden moment, right here.

8 cycle 22 - Guys & Gals 3.0

For the third time around, we got a mixed competition, with boys and girls fighting for the title of America's Next Model. Yet again, there wasn't much in terms of high-fashion (or fashion at all, to be honest), but there were plenty of juicy moments to entertain us, and probably the best male models to date!

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If nothing else, we got the gem that was Nyle, both the first male and deaf contestant to ever win the show. Nyle brought some very touching moments, while Devin brought the drama, Mikey brought the looks, and, thankfully, Tyra got rid of the social media portion of the judging. Frankly, that was just terrible.

7 cycle 13 - Les Petites

Short girls everywhere rejoiced when Tyra announced cycle 13 would be for girls who were 5'7'' or less. For the first time ever in the history of the show, models who dreamt of making it big in the fashion industry but were discarded due to their heights got a chance to prove their worth and compete on America's Next Top Model.

There wasn't a lot of drama in this cycle, but it was fun, and it did try to focus quite a bit in helping the girls when it comes to their chances in becoming actual models. It had a slightly more professional tone to it, there wasn't the typical villain, and along with a cycle 15, it deserves to be watched because, for a change, it actually focused more on being a show about modeling than anything else.

6 cycle 19 - College Edition

Tyra was nothing but inventive, and towards the end of the show, she was really picking at straws in order to keep the momentum of the show going. When it was time for cycle 19 to come around, we got to see college girls from all around the country try out for the series, which resulted in perhaps the most high-pitched cycle ever.

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It's worth a watch mostly because we got so many huge changes. Beloved judge Miss J and creative director Jay Alexander were gone and were replaced by Rob Evans (don't ask), and Bryanboy, who was supposed to be the voice of the fans through social media (again, don't ask). Even though the changes weren't for the best, it still gave the show somewhat of a fresh face, and that's always a good premise for a binge of a show that's been going on for ages.

5 cycle 21 - The Boyzz Are Back

The second time America's Next Top Model had the boys over was definitely the best out of the three. The cast was extremely diverse, the challenges were fun, and one of the girls actually made it as a well-known working model! Winnie Harlow, who has a skin condition called vitiligo, didn't make it to the end but is still one of the most successful contestants in the history of the show.

Plus, we got a frat boy who partied every night like he was still at his frat-house, we got Romeo, the self-professed weirdo who was kicked out due to a physical altercation, Denzel and his god awful beard weave, and a whole lot of drama in general! There's not a single boring moment during this cycle, so get to watching.

4 cycle 17 - All-Stars In The House

Boy oh boy, this cycle really was something. For every show that has been airing for years, there's always bound to be a cycle dedicated to some of the previous contestants that fans missed. For America's Next Top Model, Tyra seemed to hand pick those who we absolutely loved to hate over the years. Plus, this was the last cycle that blessed us with both Tyra, Nigel, and fashion icon André Leon Talley.

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Wild child Lisa D'Amata ended up winning the cycle, but only because everyone's favorite, Angelea, was unexpectedly kicked out of the show, even after the judges had decided to give her the title. Years, later, we found out this happened due to her prior career as an escort, which pissed everyone off, to say the least. Either way, it's a pretty entertaining cycle, that brings back some of the most interesting personalities that ever graced the show.

3 cycle 2 - Oh The Drama!

cycle 2 was actually a masterpiece, in the sense that it gave fans a little bit of everything. When you're watching a show, you expect to be entertained and feel a bunch of emotions throughout the whole thing, and that's exactly what Tyra and the girls gave us during the second cycle of the show.

The winner Yolanda was just phenomenal, we had our divas, we had our sweethearts, and we had some serious, serious drama. if you know the show, you definitely remember Shandi, who remains, to this day, one of the most memorable contestants of the show. Not because she was a fantastic model, but because she cheated on her boyfriend in Milano, and gave us a showdown worthy of a telenovela - over the phone.

2 cycle 15 - The Vogue Italia Issue

True fashion and modeling fans will love this cycle of America's Next Top Model. Judging from the tone of the entire thing, this was probably the moment Tyra decided to try and give the show some actual credibility amongst the modeling world. The main prize took the main jump from being a spread on Seventeen to a spread on Vogue Italia.

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The guest judges were nothing short of iconic, the challenges and photoshoots screamed high fashion, and the winner, Ann Ward, was true winner material. When it comes to what should be the main essence and focus of the show, cycle 15 was definitely the peak. A couple of cycles later, however, we went back to the craziness of reality TV. We're not complaining...

1 cycle 18 - British Invasion

America's Next Top Model became famous and relevant enough to generate dozens of spin-offs around the world. Over the years, we had the Australian version, the Asian version...and the British version. Again, being the creative production force that she is, Tyra came up with the idea of creating a cycle that brought together American contestants, and British contestants that - wait for it - had already participated in their country's version of the show. Gasp!

The British girls were undeniably better, but the reason why this cycle is binge-worthy is honestly because of one moment alone. This cycle, mean girl Kelly Cutrone joined the judges' panel, and things got particularly ugly during a showdown between her and British contestant Louise. There were a lot of screams, tears, and packed bags. Iconic, to say the least.

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